This holiday season will see a wave of new devices being unwrapped including tablets, MP3 players, Smartphone’s and digital cameras. 18% of UK adults will be receiving a new tablet this Christmas. These devices will quickly be filled with your favourite recipes, holiday snaps, selfies or more importantly work files.

Even if you are not receiving a new device, it is likely that your current gadget is filled to capacity with 2013 memories, ranging from your Wimbledon or royal baby celebration party photo’s to summer festival videos. The value of which will not often be known until the device has been lost, stolen or damaged.

As we increasingly create more photos, music, videos, e-mails, and documents on our mobile devices, it’s essential that we protect them properly. Here are five top tips on backup and recovery, highlighting the key points for comprehensive protection of our precious files stored on laptops and PCs.

  1.  Schedule Regular Backups

Backups should be made regularly. After an initial full backup of the entire system, make sure you set up automatic, incremental backups. Incremental backups only store what has been changed or added since the full backup, allowing you to save disk space. As well as decreasing the time each backup takes.

  1.  Invest In A Good External Drive

The backups should be stored on removable media or removable drives. This means that your backup is safe, even if your machine is lost or stolen.

  1.  Double Protect Your System

Provide double security for your most important data by backing it up to the cloud, as well as on your hard drive. With the right software, you can encrypt the data so it’s safe and secure and also protect it against physical damage, such as a fire.

  1.  Test Your Recovery Plan

Try testing your backup, so if your system fails you can quickly recover it. There’s nothing worse than discovering your backup hasn’t worked!

  1.  Make Sure Your System Is Safe Before Any Installation

Before installing new programs, updates or drivers, complete a full backup to avoid loosing and exciting data. Changes that go wrong can be reversed by installing the initial backup.

During the festive period people will capture memories of Christmas and New Year that are then stored in digital format on PCs and notebooks. Accidental deletion, hardware failure, or a sudden loss or theft of the entire device are just some examples of why it pays to protect your irreplaceable memories. When you’re compiling your Christmas wish list this year or working out which accessories you need to go with your new mobile device, don’t forget to throw in some backup software too!