Live chat is the untapped potential for your business. Often in online businesses, customers miss face-to-face communication with staff where they can make enquiries or requests about the product or service. So, how does one bring about the touch of personal interaction in a virtual world? Installing a chat widget could be the perfect solution!

Live chat plugins instantly gives you the ability to chat directly with potential clients and/or website visitors. You may initiate a live chat with a certain visitor yourself or wait for them to start a live chat with you. It is the only way to provide real human interaction during an online purchase and can transform a customer’s experience on your website.

Having a live chat option on your website can do wonders for your business! It can magnify your brand’s visibility and enhance your online presence to a great degree. Live chat is a useful platform to tell you about the customer’s experience on your portal – their needs, queries and responses can all be gauged instantly. It’s an awesome medium to increase conversion rates which will ultimately lead to an escalation of bottom line profits for your firm. So, go ahead and get a live chat widget for your business and engage your customers positively to gain a huge competitive advantage!

While it’s important to realise the benefits of live chat, one needs to understand that chat traffic should be relevant to your business. You want to maximise streams of meaningful chats from prospective clients, genuine enquiries, and doubts about product/services or technical support requests. However, sometimes a live chat can prove to be rather a nuisance!

Chat requests by irrelevant salespersons, cyber stalkers, potential abusers and unnecessary requests may shake productivity and lead to time wastage too. So, how do we make sure that there is significant chat engagement on our website? Let’s have a look at these simple tips which are easy to implement and will surely make lead to a huge upsurge in your chat traffic numbers:

1. Personalisation

The whole point of having a chat widget is to provide a human touch to your customers. Hence, it is important to customise your chat portal for better interaction with customers. Have a warm welcome message pop up to greet them, and put your logo as the chat widget’s icon to formulate brand identity. Strategically place your live chat button in a consistent location in the product/service page so that customers know where to go if they need help. Put up photos of your chat agents so that visitors know whom they are talking to and form a connection. Customisation can indeed go a long way in getting your chat traffic numbers dramatically on the upswing!

2. Use Targeted Proactive Chat

A recent survey showed that a whopping 83% of customers need some form of assistance to complete an online purchase. However, all your customers may not take the initiative to start a chat thread, rather they may find it easier to abandon the website altogether and head to a competitor’s site. It’s important to proactively identify individuals who may require help and open a chat window with them to provide support. Allow customers to remain on the site for a while before initiating a conversation, so that they can get oriented before being interrupted. Tailor an opening message for your visitors and do not persist if they do not wish to continue the chat. Targeting customers in a proactive manner can be a gesture of goodwill that will definitely increase your lead conversion rate manifold.

3. Make Time To Be Available

Depending on the geographical reach of your target customer base, you may need to keep your chat lines open 24*7. If that’s not possible, at least identify peak traffic hours through historical trends and make sure you are available to provide critical support to your customers through the chat plugin. It’s vital that your page visitors should be able to reach you in the real-time, and across multiple communication channels. Try to be available to customers online and also via mobile. If there are chat timings, display them clearly on your home page and disable the chat button in your off hours to prevent confusion. A happy-to-help, available chat support team will make your customers feel valued and help you form a long term bond with them!

4. Advertise Heavily & Invest In Awareness

Promote your live chat facility extensively, as it is the gateway to success for your online business! Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements are very effective mediums that can generate a buzz and create awareness. These promotions can be carried out through utility tools like Google Adwords too. Your advert should be appealing and catch the interest of the target audience. Low investments method such as social media advocacy, email newsletters and your own email signature are also effective methods to let your customers know that you have live chat widgets on your website. Try to schedule your advertisement during working hours so that you can provide instantaneous support if required. Make people know that you are available to respond to their queries and form genuine lifelong customer relationships.

5. Ensure Live Chat Staff Training & Motivation

Your live chat support staff is the medium through which you are communicating with your prized customers, hence it’s crucial to keep them motivated and fully engaged. Chat agents should be well-trained to respond to the questions about various products/services and should be confident in their ability to hold an informative chat session. They should be able to respond to multiple chat threads simultaneously and maintain a pleasant online demeanour with customers. Chat support employees who know what is expected from them and are committed to the task are assets to your online chat facility and can optimise your sales potential gigantically.

Live chat software is rapidly growing in popularity due to its ability to provide a human touch for lead conversion. Make your online presence a force to reckon with through a responsive chat widget and carve out a fresh success story for your business!