Anyone who organises an event would want it to become the talk to the town. The venue looks great, the content seems to be convincing, the itinerary is buzzing with activity and there are many people helping out with the marketing. However, not every event turns out to be a success. Why is that? Not all marketing strategies are created equal when it comes to reaching out to a larger audience, which is why, only the right marketing strategies count.

Here are 5 simple tips on how to make any event, big or small, go viral so that your marketing efforts reach out to more people and give you positive results.

  1.  Get The Right Support

First and foremost, just having an interesting concept does not guarantee the event will go viral. For the right marketing approach, it is best to always hire an events agency that has expertise in events management. These organisations have a better understanding of how to promote an event to the right target audience and have a broad network in place to support the event campaign in going viral.

  1.  Harness The Power Of Social Media

If an event is worth knowing about, it will have its own Web page. And that is exactly what people are looking for – a customised URL used for event campaigning that people can relate to and hence memorise. Also, it makes it a lot easier to then use the URL on social networking sites and get the message across to a broader audience. Get a Facebook page, Twitter account and promote the event through LinkedIn. The key to going viral lies in aggressive marketing on social networks and encouraging people to forward the details within their personal group.

  1.  Innovative Concept

What makes a mark with people? To have an impact, an idea must be something new, something engaging and something innovative. And that is exactly why the concept behind the event makes all the difference. Here again, the right events management team can take over and come up with a concept that best represents the spirit behind the event to go viral and reach out to larger audiences who would be hooked to the idea in rapt attention.

  1.  Original Compelling Content

For an event to go viral, it must be worthy. And to make it worthy, it must have compelling original content that people would want to know more about and share. Let the event be based on a compelling message and approach noteworthy speakers to make an appearance. In fact, this can be the very basis of a viral campaign. A pre-event short interview that could be turned in to a YouTube video and then made viral through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will pique the interest of more people and hence drive up the sale figures. Get creative and make your content so brilliant that it is worth paying attention to and sharing.

  1.  Get More Creative

For any event to stand out among others there has to be something gripping and innovative about it. Do lots of research and use technology to your best advantage. Quirky ways to make an event more engaging and interactive through ground breaking new technology will become the cherry on top, and will ensure that the event becomes one-of-a-kind and gets the attention it truly deserves.