We’ve all seen it, haven’t we? An email that pops into the inbox with a typo in the subject line or, even worse, without a subject line at all! It’s an easy mistake to make, but also easy to avoid.

Here are my top 5 tips for avoiding these types of email marketing blunders:

  1.  Use an inbox preview tool

Don’t forget that while an email might look perfect in your email client’s inbox, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will look good in others. Inbox preview tools will allow you to see what your email will look like in a range of different email clients so you can be certain that everyone you send to will get a perfectly displayed message.

  1.  Use a spellchecker

It seems an obvious one, but make sure you use the spellchecker in the dotMailer editor before sending your campaign. It’s amazing how many little typos it might pick up.

  1.  Get a team of proof readers

Two pairs of eyes are better than one! Get as many people as possible to proof the email before you submit for final sign-off.

  1.  Put a sign-off process in place

Make sure that there is an approved sign-off process in place so that no email is sent out before it has been sanctioned by a senior member of the business. This means that junior employees are supported and won’t end up with egg on their face. Remember, clicking send on an email campaign that is going out to thousands of people can be scary!

  1.  Send to someone outside the organization

As a final check, why not send the email to someone that isn’t connected to your business at all. Maybe to a spouse or friend who can give you a totally objective opinion on the email and pick up any little niggles you might have missed because you are too close to it.