Being a great leader, of course, means much more than being an authoritative boss or manager with a great suit and big office. Although in some occasions, especially in crises, being an authoritative team leader can be very useful, oftentimes the skill set required to inspire your team and lead them to success is quite different. Many articles and books have been written on the topic; however, in this article I’ll try to cover some of the most common skills that mark effective and inspirational leaders.

1. Instil Confidence

A great leader can easily instil confidence among the staff. In order to maintain the positive work atmosphere which inspires creative thinking and new ideas, staff members have to feel confident about their work. A leader that simply nitpicks about everything and demonstrates extremely negative reactions for every mistake made will eventually ruin the positive energy in the work environment and ruin the self-confidence of the majority of staff members. A great and effective leader can inspire staff members to improve their performance and productivity by actively working on their confidence improvements. Publicly acknowledging those who perform well in certain areas can significantly contribute to this cause.

2. Exude Honesty & Integrity

In order to be a great and inspirational leader one must be honest in the first place. This means that the true leader has to acknowledge their personal mistakes and always be willing to work on self-improvement. By showing a dose of humble and humanlike honest behaviour, a leader can be better accepted among the team members. When a leader demonstrates honest and ethical behaviour, others will be inspired to follow. This may be a cornerstone for creating a successful company culture that inspires a positive and ethical attitude of all staff members in various aspects and situations.

3. Polish Communication Skills

Aside from being a great listener, an effective leader must be a good communicator as well. Sometimes plans sound perfectly fine in someone’s head but when the time comes to share certain ideas, tasks or duties with various team members, it is very important to possess good communication skills in order to have everyone on the same page. Otherwise, different team members may end up doing things with different goals in mind, or even having a completely unclear image of what the goal actually is. This is why it may be a crucial thing to properly communicate with everyone and then be a good listener and ask for occasional feedback and re-assess.

4. Excel With Team Building

In order to have a successful business, a true leader must be able to recognise a promising talent in those who get hired. While oftentimes, leaders seek for team members with complementary skills, sometimes it may be extremely beneficial to have some diversity between various team members, which may bring new and better ideas to the table.  Having a healthy discussion over certain ideas or procedures may be very useful when trying to pick the best approach.

5. Demonstrate Clear Goals & Vision

Creating a successful business is usually a result of clear goals and oftentimes, leaders who achieve such goals have an outstanding vision of new ideas, technologies, and industry specifics. A visionary leader can recognise new, emerging technologies and find ways to apply them in certain areas at early stages of development. This can give a competitive edge to such businesses and may inspire employees to easier gain trust in such leaders and excel in what they do.

Being a leader is a good thing – but being an outstanding leader should be the goal. These were just some of the tips in order for one to be a more effective and truly inspirational leader.