So you’ve selected the technology, found an integrator, signed a licensing agreement and the project plan is in place. Your business is on the road to delivering unified communications and grasping all the associated benefits.

But, how do you intend to help end users truly get the most out of the technology that you have implemented. Here are some tips on helping end users get the most out of technology investments.

  1.  Get Business Wide Buy In

It goes without saying IT and communications are now an essential part of doing business. But make sure that the wider leadership team within your organisation is bought into the technology investments. If they lead by example their people will follow.

  1.  Setup a Super User Group

Top down isn’t always the most effective way to manage. Ensure that you get key users from around the organisation fully trained up in how to use all the functionality on hand.

  1.  Internal Case Studies

Now, it’s not something that everyone wants to hear, but sometimes end users are right. Once they get to grips with using the technology they can tell you were it adds value. Let them communicate with the rest of the business on how to use the tools. Select some key individuals and use them as case studies.

  1.  Communicate the Value

Tell your people over and over again. Find new ways of communicating the value of your unified comms roll out to end users. Use screen sharing and conferencing to tell users how useful it is.

  1.  Knowledge Base

Make sure that you have access to a knowledge base of information, which should be provided by your service provider. If you don’t have it ask your provider for end user focused resources that enable them to get the most out of the service. There are many more ways to ensure you are realising the benefits, such as drop in sessions, joining in with other team meetings and most of all be an evangelist. By having a group of individuals who are passionate about delivering better communications using UC tools you are half way to mass user adoption.