If Content is King, then the way you create that content is vitally important too. Here are five tips on making your web writing more likely to grab attention and bring in new and returning traffic.

1. Keep it lighter

Even for high-brow technical topics once it is online, the style needs to be more tabloidy than you would ever expect to use in a print format on that subject. Once online the format is far less stuffy but also far more fast moving so demands a less rigid format.

2. Use the inverted pyramid

If you’ve ever studied how a news story is written in a newspaper, or how well written press release is structured, you will notice they follow the inverted pyramid style. This same method serves well online too. Get the broadest of information in your opening paragraph. This way you grip as wide a possible audience from the first word and sentence. Move on down the piece and you can become more tailored and feature more specific content, you already have people’s attention.

3. Seek engagement

If you are writing for a target audience you need to know something about them first. The only way you can see if you understand that audience is finding out what they think. Ask questions in your prose. Seek feedback, crave engagement and learn from those who are reading your content.

4. Use dynamic language

If you are looking for a response, looking for engagement, looking for resulting actions from your audience, such as social shares, or perhaps clicking through and buying your products, then use language that inspires action. Make them sub-consciously want to take the next step. Use positive words. Use words that demand action.

5. Keep your ideas segregated

Use bullet points, organise into paragraphs and create lists. If you write organised your audience will find it easier to read and easier to put into practice. That means it will also be easier for them to recommend it and easier for them to make your tips a success.

That’s five. There’s more of course, but nail these five and your traffic should improve and keep on rising.