Many companies now are competing with one another in the slowing shrinking business world. With globalisation, competing companies are starting to have many similar products, and the only thing separating them from one another is their level of customer service, and how they conduct themselves.

  1.  Customer Service Must Be Native

This means it should either be done in country, or the company should give their employees proper language training to be able to speak to the customers without major misunderstanding. This is a major issue with many companies now, where they have moved their tech support to other countries to save money. Unfortunately if someone can’t understand the person who is trying to provide tech support, they probably will get fed up and not want to stay with that company.

  1.  Provide A Better Web Experience

We live in an age now where most people want to have a convenient and simple method for getting their questions answered. A well organised web page will make things much simpler for any one accessing help. Setting up a chat help box may also make things more helpful for the customer and the company alike, as this way there is less of a communication barrier, and the support is being offered textually as opposed to verbally. The customer can then easily ask their questions and get help with the application on the web page and the company has less training to complete to make sure people can be understood verbally.

  1.  Admit Errors & Fix The Problem If Possible

Often times this is the most frustrating part of dealing with companies, and more often where customers are lost. Many companies are guilty of not dealing with customers with problems overly well, and then trying to entice them back with better offers. While this works for some people, the majority of persons don’t want something new or different. they want what they paid for to work well, end of story. Companies thusly need to try to find better methods of dealing with their own problems, whether its just by being ready and willing to dispatch a service representative to fix what has gone wrong, or be completely honest with the customer, admit that what was sold to them was wrong, and change it for no fee.

  1.  Conflict Management

Conflict management training is something that many companies should start to offer to their employees, especially those who work in call centres. More often than not, those who are calling a call centre are not the happiest of people, and often are so irate that it is nearly impossible to help them. Conflict management is a tool that can be used to de-escalate the customer to a reasonable level so that they can be talked to and reasoned with, and thus a better outcome can be achieved.

  1.  Use Simple Interactive Voice Response

No customer wants to go through 30 rounds of ‘Press 1 for… Press 2 for…’. This frustrates and escalates the persons temper and will make the conversation that will go on infinitely longer simply because they are irate. With a simpler IVR System with less steps to reach a real human, it will save the customer time and ultimately save the company money.