Small businesses often struggle to get a foothold in the online marketplace. With Google constantly updating their algorithm and finding new ways to filter low-quality websites down and out of their search rankings, there’s no fast-track way to reach the top. If you want to create an online presence that will withstand the test of time, then you need to exercise patience. 

But while good SEO is at the heart of any online marketing campaign, it’s turning traffic into conversions that matters the most. In short, if you’re not filtering visitors further down the sales funnel you’re not doing your job right. These tips will help you boost your online sales by turning casual leads into genuine customers.

1. Delve Deep

In order to boost sales you must make yourself an authority. As the search engine optimisation (SEO) industry has evolved, it has become clear that to rank highly your content must genuinely benefit the Internet. Write for people, not Google-bots. When you’re searching for topics, don’t just stick with the obvious – they’ve probably been written about in detail elsewhere. If you really want to give your website some value, you must delve deep and explore the niches around your industry.

2. Curate Content

Content curation has a bad reputation; however, if done correctly it can be a valuable asset to your blog. Only curate when you come across something that’s highly relevant, beyond your abilities, and hugely beneficial. Do not curate for the sake of publishing fresh content as it will not work. Make sure you clearly credit the author and provide a link to the original publication, otherwise it will be considered plagiarism.

3. Use Visual Content

Use pictures, videos and games to encourage visitors to buy your products and services. Most people have very short attention spans and respond more to visual stimuli than written words. Throw in some creative call-to-actions (CTO) and encourage social sharing. This could open doors to customers that would otherwise go amiss.

4. Create Coupons

Creating coupons is an excellent way to get more exposure and links. Not only can coupon websites, such as Coupon Buffer, provide a viable avenue of traffic, but many people on the fence about purchasing your products and services will scour Google for discounts first. Finding a coupon, even for just a small percentage, could turn leads into customers and significantly boost revenue.

5. Devise A Backlinking Schedule

One of the most important aspects of promotion is consistency – too little and you won’t get repeat visitors. Create a guest post publication schedule and stick with it. While it will almost certainly take a few months until you start seeing any financial benefits, eventually you’ll have a website with enough backlinks to keep any competition at bay.

Fundamentally, if you want to boost your online sales quality should always take precedence: write content to the best of your abilities, acquire links from legitimate sources, and don’t be too obvious about your intentions – visitors will sense the desperation. If you put in the effort, you will eventually be rewarded and start to yield positive results. All you need is a little patience and determination.