Trust and respect is such a critical thing in life and relationships that it can easily make or break any relationship. Whether it be in marriage, dating, business or just casual. Without trust and respect, there is no relationship.

Bloggers and readers have a relationship that deserves trust and respect as well. If you do not have the trust and respect of your readers then you probably have no readers.

With no readers, then what is your blog? Who are you writing for? Might as well keep a notepad next to your bed and write in there. The end result is the same, no one will read it.

Whether you have 5 readers or 5000 readers, they all deserve your trust and respect.

Now you will probably get all types of people reading your blog. At times you will find it difficult to trust and respect some people. But if you can do that with the most obnoxious and difficult of readers, everyone else will be a breeze.

Here are 5 ways you can earn the respect and trust of your readers.

  1.  Don’t lie – It is strange how people accept that you can lie to others but not to them. Keep the facts straight. Nothing like a small lie to destroy any relationship.
  2.  Be grateful – Where are those manners that you mother taught you? Learn to say thank you and please in your posts and comments. Saying thank you will bring a smile to your readers.
  3.  Be open to criticism – Listen, neither you nor I are perfect. We are do and write things that will attract criticism. Don’t shy away from criticism. Don’t react negatively towards it. People are going to criticise you. Deal with it as best you can and move on.
  4.  Don’t bad mouth others – This is one thing that will turn people away. If you bad mouth others, you will probably bad mouth me as well, and I don’t want any part of that.
  5.  Deliver quality content – This should probably be the first point. Good quality content is what makes or breaks your blog. People will respect and trust you if you continue to deliver quality in your posts.

Now there are probably many other points that I could have mentioned. But I thought these where a good place to start. What other points would you consider?