If you want to be successful, in business, in love, in general you have to learn to conquer your fears. Concerns, anxiety, worry; they can all hold you back and make your target seem further off than ever. They say animals sense fear in humans and in many ways the signs are also obvious to other humans, if you have doubts, the signs will be there for potential customers and that could be losing your business. So here are 5 top tips to overcoming that fear factor and getting closer to success.

  1.  Don’t assume. Check

This should be your adage in everything you do anyway – it pays to be paranoid sometimes – but in the case of entrepreneurial fears far too often is assumption and myth that are behind them. If something concerns you, make sure you understand it. Don’t base your fear on rumour, half-truths and ignorance. It may well be your fears are valid, but until you have checked and understood them properly you can’t seek to address them.

  1.  Listen, and that means analysing feedback

Far too often people don’t carry out surveys or ask for feedback for fear of what might come back. Others collect feedback but then jump on the headline quotes and never really look behind them. If somebody is critical of you, they may have an agenda, don’t get bogged-down looking for it, but do keep it in mind. Don’t be scared to ignore either, but only once you have properly considered it.

One voice – maybe a mentor, family member or colleague – may be louder than others. Don’t just listen to their opinion, just because it is loudest, that doesn’t make it the best and most relevant. Step back and consider all the feedback as a whole. Is there a trend? Make sure you use every piece of information at your disposal and educate yourself.

  1.  New and innovative has bigger prizes

Stealing a lead, being the first, setting the trend, it’s how all the big success stories got their break. Playing it safe, using the same approach and keeping it too general is the route to mediocrity. It may tick your business along, but if you want to be the best and you want to beat the rest, innovation is what you need.

That’s not to say gun-ho is the way to approach business. With every new market or re-branding there are ways you can mitigate your risk. Perhaps test new ideas with a focus group first. Test as much as you can, as it is far cheaper in the long run than launching full speed and getting it wrong.

  1.  Dabble don’t dangle

If the above point wasn’t emphasised enough, don’t plunge into new things blindly and throw yourself in with the lions. Before you try anything new make sure you understand it. Read around the subject or concept. Network with those in the know. You don’t need to give your idea away but mixing with these people – even virtually – will give you a better understanding of the topic. Then use your testing model to dip a toe in and analyse how it works. Then you can go headlong into it.

  1.  Pack it with passion

If you don’t believe in what you are doing why would anybody else. If you fear is failure, make your passion success. Like all good movies good conquers evil if you put enough into it and really trust your own instincts. In films, the lead character may often sing to themselves to keep their mind positively focused as they walk down a spooky corridor, apply the same to way you approach your fears.

Be positive around others and around your fears and you will find the positivity also increases and gives you less time to think about your fears. If you aren’t thinking about your fears, they won’t have the chance to interfere with your mindset and those fears will soon become a thing of the past.