Unlike Average Joe, a superhero doesn’t need to worry about getting their job done. Emboldened by their supernatural powers of (delete as appropriate) sight/sound/strength/flight, they are more than equipped to tackle any challenges that lie in their way. They are life-saving, crime-fighting, problem busting machines gifted with a unique set of tools and skills that allow them to save the public from disaster, time and time again.

So what if a superhero were to answer the phone in your call centre? What special tools and skills might they possess to enable them to swiftly tackle customer queries and appease the wave of angst from disgruntled callers? Equipping your call centre agents with the ability soar, cape flapping, above your competitors may seem like a difficult and expensive task, however this needn’t be that case.

Listed below are five basic remedies to the most common examples of “call-centre Kryptonite,” all which can easily be foiled using software and related services:

  1. First off, enabling single sign-on will eliminate much of the time a superhero call centre agent takes at the start of a call, when customers are likely to become agitated at being asked to hold for excessive periods. Superhero agents are ready at the press of a button. “Contact centre agents are using different applications to access customer information. They often have multiple logins and must switch between different applications which results in long hold times for customers and inefficient business processes,” says Aphrodite Brinsmead, Associate Analyst of Customer Interaction Technologies at Datamonitor.
  2. Many superheroes had difficulty harnessing their powers in their younger days. Some aren’t even aware they are in possession of such strength at all. By investing in a comprehensive training programme, teaching superhero agents to utilise the tools and applications at their disposal, a call centre manager can ensure that all investments, including staff, hardware and software, are being used to their full ability.
  3. By eliminating the need to copy and paste data superhero agents will be faster, more accurate and suffer fewer repetitive strain injuries (which are decidedly un-superhero-like). In many organisations, a call centre agent is required to switch between a series of siloed, windows-based, and custom applications to update customer data that is needed to complete a call leading to high Average Call Times (ACTs), lower employee productivity and disgruntled customers on the other end of the phone.
  4. Allowing agents’ rapid access to relevant customer information across disparate data sources will also decrease the amount of time spent hopping between screens, leaving agents free to tackle the actual issue a caller is having.
  5. By providing agents with real-time up-sell offers to match a customer’s exact requirements, agents can give customers solutions to specific issues they are facing whilst simultaneously improving the bottom line. A Superhuman power indeed.

By tackling these five issues head on, you enable call centre agents to channel their inner superhero, save your company time and money and most importantly, rescue innocent customers from the stress and aggravation of unnecessary call centre chaos.