The app industry has become huge over recent years, and these days you can get apps for pretty much everything. With more and more people now using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the development of new apps has exploded. Whether you are looking for entertainment and fun or whether you are looking for practical assistance, you will find the perfect app from amongst the range available these days. 

There are also many apps that are geared toward helping businesses, and these cover a range of different business areas. Business experts have discussed the value of business apps on cnn news streaming in the past, and there are many different apps that you can choose from.

When you watch any business related news stream you will hear about the importance of mobile technology and apps for modern businesses. If you are interested in benefiting from the value of today’s apps, here are some that could prove invaluable for your business:

1. ClickMeeting

Video conferencing on mobile devices has become increasingly common. However, with ClickMeeting you can take things a step further. The app allows you to schedule and book meetings, live stream events, audio and video, screen share, and even record the meeting or event with minimal hassle. 

2. SurveyMonkey

The feedback of customers and employees is vital for any business. However, in the past this was an involved and time consuming process. With SurveyMonkey you can conduct research with minimal hassle or time consumption. This is an online survey tool that makes light work of conducting consumer and employee polls, so you can easily obtain the information and feedback you need.

3. Zoho Docs Standard

Zoho Docs is a very useful document management app that can prove invaluable for your business. This app enables you to create and share files as well as send them from your mobile device. You can put restrictions into place with regards to access and you can also collaborate on documents with greater ease. The app also makes it easy to access documents when you are offline.

4. Salesforce Sales Cloud Professional

Sales and customer data is vital to help your business to improve and grow. With Salesforce you can access this information with speed and ease. You can enjoy far greater flexibility than using just a desktop or laptop to track this type of information.

5. Sprout Social

Social media has become an integral part of business operations and marketing strategies these days. Sprout Social provides easy access to social media management tools as well as tools for social media analysis. You can benefit from a range of perks, such as being able to determine the best time for customer engagement.

These apps can all make a big difference to the smooth running of your business. You also benefit from the practicality and flexibility of being able to use them even when you are away from the office.