We all know what a big hassle a malware infection can be. By identifying the symptoms of the malware infection and the means available to clean malware on your PC you can restore the machine to a stable state and also safe-guard it from any future malware attacks. The following 5 recommendations should go a long way to help you recognize any signs of a malware contamination.

  1.  Software

One of the easiest methods of locating malware on a machine would be to run anti-malware software. Many anti-malware and anti-virus software such as GFI VIPRE Antivirus Business include real-time protection, spyware and adware protection as well as unknown malware detection. The advantage of having real-time scanning is that all the 24/7 protection is done by the anti-virus product itself. This means that users do not have to perform frequent scans to ensure their machine is malware free.