Today’s business environment requires that employees can communicate from just about anywhere, they must maintain constant access to their documents and have the ability to share information simply, efficiently and securely. So how agile is your business? What tools are there to help? and how do you ensure your data always stays safely in the correct hands?

  1.  E-mails attachments are dead

A recent study found that 40% of business leaders fear that a mistake with e-mail attachments could potentially lose clients and this for any professional is unacceptable. Attachments that are too big, get lost, are misfiled, or create multiple versions are responsible for most of the problems. The obvious solution is to stop attaching files to e-mails and use a secure file sharing tool which is designed to address these issues and will make your life easier. So what tools should you use?

  1.  Don’t blindly follow the crowd, lead it!

The most popular file sharing tools such as Dropbox simply won’t cut it for businesses. The reason for this is that these tools are designed for consumers and have been shown to have security loopholes which risk the safety of users’ data. This has been proven by the number of instances of Dropbox accounts being hacked and files being made public. There are however secure services out there that are designed especially for businesses and don’t cost an arm and a leg. You should always look to adopt a business grade technology and encourage others to do so also.

  1.  Banish your desk into the cloud

The modern worker no longer requires a desk, or has the need to store files locally or on USB flash-drives. Now all your work and intellectual capital can exist online in the cloud. The trick is to utilise enterprise class tools such as Microsoft Office 365 that combine e-mail, office applications, conferencing, collaboration and instant messaging which give businesses a suite of cloud applications that offers their workers the best tools to maximise agility.

  1.  Work smarter, not harder by encouraging collaboration

When working on documents with multiple people, it’s easy to end up with 12 different versions of the same file. With everyone making their edits on the different versions the whole thing can quickly become a mess and tracking changes a nightmare. By utilising new file sharing technologies, multiple people from different locations can work on the same document, simply adding all their edits and comments in turn. Done properly, collaboration like this enables teams to work together more efficiently.

  1.  What’s that in your pocket?

We’re growing more dependent on smartphones and tablets for more functions than just communication. These days our ‘pocket PCs’ (who remembers those?), have more processing power than the average desktop 5 years ago. Consequently the boom in App publishing has created ways of working few could have imagined. The opportunity to work on the go has never been better. Sharing, reviewing, editing and creating documents, from a multitude of different devices is now plausible for agile and remote workers. The task for businesses is to harness the right applications from the right providers to give the mobile professional useful tools which do not compromise on service or security.