Okay, so you are a professional and I don’t want to be teaching you to suck eggs, but even the best of us overlook the obvious sometimes. So here’s five quick pointers to keep close in each and every project, to make sure your web design hits all the right spots.

  1.  Customisation is essential

Even if you are using templates and themes make sure you don’t use them straight out of the box. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but equally the best way to be overlooked by clued up customers. Give your site some unique aspect and you will be on the right road to success.

  1.  Familiar wins hearts

While being different from the competition is important, having elements that new visitors immediately feel at ease with are essential. Trends come and go and are fine to follow as long as you keep up with new ones so you don’t look too old hat.

  1.  Interaction is key

Long gone are the days of the corporate brochure sufficing as a website. Modern-day browsers even help with interaction, especially in terms of links and telephone numbers etc via various plug-ins. Yet, the modern day user expects more. They expect even the most basic of sites to take them on a journey. Gain their interest and move it along, it is the route to better sales.

  1.  Make actions engage

Of course whatever you are selling or promoting on your website you will want a call to action to help you get a return on investment. That’s a given but remember that call to action needs 1) to be enticing 2) a natural progression from enagaging with the other content on your page and 3) Lead through to somewhere engaging enough to ensure they see it through. Having a fancy front end not followed through in your back end or order process is a path to failure.

  1.  Keep it simple

Yes, complying with the above and keeping it simple is a potential issue but that is where experts earn their money. Remember the array of devices people use to connect to your site nowadays is so vast you could never hope to provide an all-singing, all-dancing site to all… but you do need to provide some sort of site viewable to all. If you want customers then simple is the solution, if you want awards then design to your heart’s content, just remember to tell the end client that is your goal.

What are your top 5 tips on web design? Leave a comment.