Now owned by Google, YouTube is the quintessential viral video website in existence. Through the rise of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other social media giants, YouTube still remains dominant in its respective niche.

In fact, this video site transcends the meaning of niche altogether and serves as a platform for would-be stars, Johnny-come-lately posters, amateur videographers, and, of course, internet marketers.

If you’re attempting to market your website via YouTube, the one thing you need above all else is channel visibility. Unless your channel is noticed, your videos are most likely not going to be noticed. Having an unpopular channel will result in a lot of wasted effort.

Below, I will discuss a few ways in which you can market your YouTube channel effectively to build a following and ultimately drive traffic to its intended spot.

  1.  Creating the Right Videos

For promotion purposes, you need the right type of videos. Having an unrelated video with a link to your site won’t do. And anything that’s too pushy or seems too much like a sales pitch is going to turn people off. The idea is to make your videos appear as “how-to” vids in nature. You want people to find use in your content and to want to visit the source.

  1.  Reaching out to others First

A social media tactic for any site, you should reach out to other users first. Like their videos, visit their profiles, sign up to follow their newest releases, and inject yourself into only interested groups that coalesce well with your purpose.

  1.  Meaningful, Coherent Commentary

Whether you’re posting a description or a comment on someone else’s video or channel page, you need to make sure that you’re leaving only relevant, well written content. Coming across as spam will leave your channel short on views. “Great vid; now check mine out” – that’s an example of a don’t. “I really enjoyed your videos. If you would like to know to improve your swing, you can stop by and check out one of my videos when you have time” – that’s a do.

  1.  Regular Visitation

Yet another trick for all social media, actively participating in the experience is half the battle. You need to ensure that you’re regularly checking up on your channel to update it, to answer any questions or concerns, or simply to leave a friendly shout-out to your followers.

  1.  Relevant SEO tactics

The SEO tactics you already know are going to help you promote your video and channel. By using the best blend of proper keywords and phrases to describe and tag your videos and your channel page, you can be located more easily through a user’s targeted search.

YouTube will most likely remain the king of social video sites for years to come. It’s simply that large. Harnessing the power of this internet giant is a great way to propel your site up through the ranks. Just remember to heed these methods before attempting to market your videos.