Your physical workspace has a huge effect on your productivity. It’s worth the time and effort to assess and transform the space in which you spend the bulk of your waking life. Give your space a makeover to gain more control, flexibility, and flow in your work. Here are 5 things you can do:

  1.  Do some “spring” cleaning

No matter what the season is, get rid of your clutter. Throw away all the junk, the dusty knick-knacks, and cords for who-knows-what. Recycle that paper you’re never going to read. What remains should be only what you need to be productive and happy on a regular basis.

  1.  Maintain clear spaces and go green

Use a small vertical file storage system for your desktop and replace your computer keyboard, mouse, and speakers with wireless options. Streamline your computers and devices. Try all-in-one solutions like multifunction printers and combined computing systems to increase the efficiency of your computing experience. Go green by going digital. Convert necessary physical files to a digital archive, and replace paper storage with cloud storage.

  1.  Get comfortable

Invest in that ergonomic chair with back support. Plus, remember the comfort and health of your eyes! Get a second or larger monitor to lessen the strain of staring at a computer screen.

  1.  Set up your mise-en-place

Cooks prepare and arrange ingredients and equipment so that their cooking flow isn’t broken. Set up your own workspace mise-en-place to ensure your own quick and efficient workflow. Arrange related tools together and keep items you use daily within arm’s reach. Rearrange furniture so you don’t keep tripping over that side table. Designate zones for different types of work such as a paper-free or paper-only area to boost focus.

  1.  Mask some noise

It’s more difficult to block external factors such as office chatter or noise from the street. Get some earplugs to clear out the sonic clutter or some quality headphones.

Take time to reflect after your workspace makeover. You may want to make adjustments like adding extra desk space for your “paper-only” zone or going back to a traditional planner. A streamlined workspace doesn’t mean getting rid of your personal preferences. What is one person’s favourite red stapler is another person’s out-dated office product.