There is little doubt that we are living in an increasingly connected world, whether in our personal or professional lives. Organisations are becoming more aware of the need to support a mobile workforce looking to embrace a more flexible approach to working life. This is where video conferencing can play a vital role in offering increased operational efficiency and more effective communication in bringing together businesses, employees and clients.

Here are five ways video conferencing can benefit your business:

  1.  Greater Recruitment Pool

If you’re looking for a specific candidate, with a specialist set of skills or attributes, sometimes this means casting a wide net to ensure that you are interviewing the right people. This can mean expanding the search beyond your city, country or even continent when the right candidate isn’t to be found on your doorstep. Video conferencing means interviewing candidates can be made convenient for both parties, whilst also offering the non-verbal communication such as mannerisms and body language present in a face-to-face interview.

  1.  Allowing Employees To Work Flexibly

Meetings are a regular occurrence in any workplace that favours collaboration and ideas sharing, but often it’s not possible for everyone to be in the same room. Conference calls, therefore, have often been the go to solution to communicate between geographically disparate parties. But being able to see, and not just hear colleagues has been shown to boost morale and teamwork and also ensures you have everyone’s full attention and engagement.

Flexible working, through video conferencing, also means new parents are able to balance family life and work, which is of increasing importance for employee satisfaction and retention. Allowing employees to work flexibly from home can also increase productivity, with research showing this can increase by as much as 39 percent.

  1.  Staying Connected While On The Move

You never know when a new client opportunity might come up. For any small business, agility can therefore be critical for growth. This means that being able to connect with current or future clients from a mobile device could be the key to new working relationships and opportunities, as well as providing the peace of mind that you are always reachable when away from your desk.

  1.  Breaking Down Cultural Barriers

We operate in a global workforce, whether within your own organisation or when working with partners, suppliers or customers. This means that we need to be aware and respectful of cultural differences when having a discussion. Verbal communication is only a minor part of our linguistic framework; video conferencing allows you to pick up on social cues and body language to ensure that all parties are on the same page and reach a mutual understanding.

  1.  Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships

The success of a small business can often rest on the strength of relationships with clients and customers. These relationships can really benefit from the realism and quality of a telepresence meeting rather than just being a voice on the other end of the telephone line. Video conferencing can promote better working relationships and a more personal approach to business.

According to a recent survey, video conferencing is currently the third most favoured method of communication (47 percent) and it is expected to rise to be the preferred business communications tool by 2016 (52 percent), rising above e-mail (51 percent) and voice/conference calls (37 percent). Therefore, by taking note of how these top five ways video conferencing can benefit your business, you can ensure you are ready for the video conferencing revolution and to bring your business, employees and clients closer together.