Customers are the biggest asset to any business. Majority of businesses focus on getting more number of application download. Well, that is one half of the growth equation. The other half is engaging its users with the application and increasing retention.

So what increases user retention and engagement of mobile app users? Well, it’s the touch point. Customers don’t invest money on things but on people who create value for them. The phrase ‘First impression is the last impression’ aptly fits here customers like it when they are valued and made to feel special with the way services you offer. This turns them to be a loyal customer which in itself gives a boost to business performance. 

According to the report of Ovum, the total app downloads in 2015 was 211 billion and the figure is estimated to go up to 378 billion by 2020. The global mobile revenue is expected to grow from the USA $36 billion in 2015 to US $79 billion in 2020.

The market offers endless options to customers. Hence top mobile app developers need to develop customer-centric applications that provide the greater on-hand experience with unique features to enhance unmatched user experience and increases loyalty for the brand and business.

Here are 5 ways you can make your customers feel special with a mobile application:

1. Develop an app with unique features

Customers look for something that is unique. The same goes for mobile apps. The Augmented Reality is the booming trend in mobile app technology, it’s going to change the fortune of business adapting to it sooner. According to Global Market Insights, Augmented Reality Market size is to exceed $165bn that is 80.8% by 2024. This is because AR smudges the line between what is real and what is computer generated. For instance: We all do like to check the reviews of the food offered at a restaurant especially when the restaurant is new to us. Don’t we? I do it and most of us do it as on the basis of this we order the food. Many times we encounter a situation where the food shown in the photo may appear worth giving a try but what exactly comes before you are totally different from what was expected and then you are like I wish I had ordered something else. Doesn’t stuff like this happen? Yes, they do. Well, let me tell you with the help of augmented reality app on your device the menu option can be viewed from various dimensions like as if the food is right in front of you. By this, you can order the right food.

2. Personalization

Personalization improves your user’s engagement with your brand. Customers love to receive personal attention from a brand. This could come in the form of remembering the customer’s name, app preferences, hands-on customization possibilities, personal offers etc. It helps to create a positive image of a company that it cares for its customers.

3. Fraud prevention with improved security

Security of users has been one of the main priorities in mobile apps as everyone wants to keep their money safe and your customers are no exception to it. With the use of machine learning the fraud can be minimized. It streamlines and secures your mobile app authentication. With its use, your customers can be protected from formerly anonymous malware attacks in actual time. Intelligent analysis of machine learning acts as an amour for all the on-going activities in your app and protects your users from frauds leaving them with one more reason to love your app. For instance: Snapdragon smart protect is a virtuous example. It provides comprehensive protection to your apps. 

4. Push notification

Push notification in an app leads to 88% higher user engagement. Push notification is crafted in a way that is pertinent to the users, customizable to the user’s desire as well as adds value to the users. Make sure you strike a good balance with push notification as an overdose of it may turn the user away from your app. Not all users are the same so the best thing is to let your users choose the notifications they would like to get. For instance: Systematically used push notifications will remind users to engage with your app by reminding them of the app.

5. Be Interactive and responsive

Visiting a store to buy something or turning to a friend for a nod while making a purchase used to happen in the past. With mobile apps, customers desire to have that same social experience. 66% of Millennial users expect real-time responses and communications. Hence an interactive and responsive app would boost user engagement. An app could be interactive in many ways such as by providing live chat support, interactive product finders, good collection of reviews etc.

Wrap up

Whether you are a startup or well-established business owner, if you want to make your business flourishing, create value for your customers and make them love the app, you have to keep the mobile application development simple and customer-centric. And by following the aforementioned best practices you not only add a creative touch to your app but meantime increases user retention and engagement and this gives a boost to business performance.