When you’re running a small business you’ve got to keep your eyes on multiple things all the time. Keeping work coming in, ensuring high quality products are going out, paying your taxes, investing more money and hiring the right people… it’s a sizeable to do list! So, perhaps you’ve not had time to think about what else your business could benefit from. One such thing you might be overlooking is external storage. Here are five ways your small business could benefit from it.

1. Store Your Stock

If your business runs on the premise of buying and selling physical products, doubtless you’re going to need somewhere to store everything. Instead of filling up your spare room (and every other room in the house!) with parcels to be dispatched (all small business owners have been there, don’t worry), move it to a designated unit. Storage units are a secure and low-cost way of keeping physical products stashed away until you’re ready to send them off. All you need to do is insure yourself properly and pick a unit that’s big enough for your requirements.

2. Tidy Away Your Paperwork

Whatever your business does, one thing we all have in common is that we generate a lot of paperwork. This is particularly true of businesses who need to keep copies of personal information on their customers and suppliers, as well as their employees. If you’re not comfortable storing things online, store away your paperwork and admin in a secure storage unit. Read up on the rules surrounding data protection first, but start making headway into researching where you’re going to put all that paper…it can’t stay in your office indefinitely!

3. Refitting Or Redecorating The Office

Another circumstance under which you should consider using external storage is when your workspace is undergoing a refit. If you’re extending, knocking down walls or simply redecorating, but have expensive equipment you’d prefer to keep away from paint splatters and brick dust (such as your suite of Macs and office printers!), store your machinery. Storage units, such as those provided by RSS are very secure as they use padlocks, CCTV and fencing. Combined with your own insurance cover, you can rest easy while the plasterers are in over the weekend.  

4. Moving Business Premises

Similarly, external storage comes in handy when you’re moving from one business premises to another. Moving office is something you’re bound to encounter as your small business grows, so consider using a storage unit to temporarily home the contents of your entire office. After all, where else do you plan on putting those desks, chairs, light fittings, computer towers, monitors and plant pots when you’re between premises?

5. Don’t Forget ‘Non Physical’ Storage

Finally, don’t just think of tangible, physical space when it comes to external storage. It can actually refer to digital storage, enabling you to keep track of files and information indefinitely without filling your office with a rainforest of paper! Providers such as DropBox, Google Drive and iCloud might come handy – just be sure to read the small print and check that this kind of ‘cloud’ storage meets your requirements first.