Are you looking for fresh ways to get your business “out there”? Embracing YouTube could be a very beneficial next step when it comes to digital marketing – and you don’t need to be Steven Spielberg to make it work.

Today hundreds of thousands of brands use the video sharing platform to showcase their products and services, and to connect with a wider audience. From innovative wine brands, to huge clothing stores, any business seeking to maximise reach and earn fresh custom is now running a YouTube channel.

When you look at the latest statistics from the platform, it’s little wonder that YouTube is proving so popular with companies looking to squeeze more from the digital world. YouTube currently has over a billion users (that’s more than a third of all people on the internet!), who watch literally hundreds of billions of hours of content every day. That’s a huge potential audience! The platform is especially good for brands keen to target a more youthful demographic, with more 18-49 year old viewers than any US cable network.

Excited by the prospect? Let’s dive in with a handful of ways you can make YouTube work for your business…

1. Create Product Showcases

A picture on a website is all very well, but seeing a product “in the flesh” on screen is an even better way to increase consumer confidence and to trigger a conversion. You can use this content to populate your YouTube channel and embed it on your product pages to demonstrate it directly to interested consumers. Keep videos short and ensure every aspect of the product is clearly visible with good quality video and sound to get the most from this video type.

2. Share ‘How Tos’

Service-oriented businesses often have tonnes of insight and helpful pointers to share with interested audiences. Zero in on what you’re great at as a business, then get your team to create short “how to” videos on their specialist subjects – it’s a great way to associate your brand with the type of expertise potential clients are looking for.

3. Upload Footage From Events

Whether you’re speaking at an industry event or hosting a tasting evening, take every opportunity to capture video footage to upload to your YouTube channel. This type of content will show viewers that yours is an active and dynamic brand, helping to create buzz. Don’t forget to shout out to anybody included in the video via social media to maximise interest and sharing.

4. Film Customer Testimonials

A few sentences on your website is all well and good, but video testimonials from your clients are far more convincing and engaging. Ask your clients or customers whether they’d be happy to film a short testimonial in return for rewards and discounts to create convincing content you can display on your website that nurtures consumer confidence in your brand.

5. Source User-Generated Content

Tired of overly promotional brand-created content, many users are increasingly unimpressed by marketing-minded content made by brands themselves. Instead, it’s content from other users including peers, favourite vloggers, bloggers and industry influencers which really holds sway and gets clicks.

Why not run a competition to source user generated content (UGC) for your YouTube channel, whether you challenge users to a “who wore it best” competition for your clothing line, a “3-minute recipe” challenge using your kitchen equipment or anything in between, get creative and offer great prizes to get users involved in your YouTube channel.

Does your business already have a YouTube channel? What have been your greatest challenges and successes? Share your insights below.