Many criticise Microsoft and their products and make it their personal goal to go out their way to do so. Yet, many of those same people would work for Microsoft given the smallest opportunity.

In fact I would not mind working for Microsoft myself. A very big name to drop and have on your CV don’t you think?

You must admit, Microsoft is a very big player in the software and technology market. Without Microsoft where would the PC be today? In fact without Microsoft, where would many other businesses be today?

If you actually are honest and take a good hard look, Microsoft actually make some awesome products. They get lambasted because they are the best, because they are good, and because people expect perfection from them.

Where would you be today without Microsoft? Here are some great reasons why you and I might choose Microsoft.

  1.  Microsoft is tried and tested 

They have been at the game for a long time. They are a big company and as such we can rely on them. Their products are tried and tested. Note I did not say bug free. Hey we live in an imperfect world! But one thing you can be sure on, is that any product Microsoft releases was not created by a loner in a basement.

  1.  Microsoft makes awesome products

Come on, you have to admit, they do make awesome products. I mean how many of you actually use MS Office. I love Visual Studio to program in. C# is awesome. The point is they make good quality products that help you and I to get the job done.

  1.  Microsoft supports the enterprise

That’s why so many enterprises choose Microsoft over any other software developer or platform. They have great products for the enterprise. They have solutions. They have connectivity.

  1.  Microsoft is for the man in the street

Other companies and operating systems might seem better, but you need more than a degree to operate it and understand it. Microsoft on the other hand allows my wife and my son, to actually use a computer without fear or intimidation. Microsoft makes computers more accessible and less intimidating.

  1.  Microsoft is Reliable

One thing you can rely on is that your Microsoft product will perform reliably. I did not say perfect, but reliable. We usually get problems when we install non-approved software on our PCs. I can trust Microsoft because, millions and millions of other people have done the same.

  1.  Microsoft products are interoperable

The great thing I like about Microsoft products is how seamlessly they work together. How they operate the same way. The menus are very similar. There is no conflict. They just work.

So why do you choose Microsoft? Perhaps you don’t like Microsoft, why not?