Building software, websites, mobile apps and more technology pieces like apps for wearables, IoT applications is not an easy job. It’s tricky and arduous. However, with the leap that technology has taken over the past decade, the development of applications has eased down a bit.

The introduction of new techniques and frameworks have made it extremely easy for developers to get desired outcomes quickly and precisely- only if taken the right step forward. With a plethora of frameworks available in the market for enterprise app development, it becomes tough for businesses to make a choice.

Laravel – a clean and a premium PHP framework for building web apps come into eradicating all your development chores. It is precise, easy-to-comprehend and free-to-use. No wonder, many organisations have trusted its capabilities to build exceptional web and enterprise apps.

Considering the popularity Laravel has gained over a period of six years, it is certainly an eye-opener especially for the ones who are yet to use it. The image below is taken from SitePoint that clearly depicts the same. Following are some reasons stating why Laravel is the absolute choice of enterprise owners and entrepreneurs.

1. Object Oriented Libraries

The pre-installed libraries like Authentication library make it unique from other frameworks in the market. Some of the features of the library are Bcrypt hashing, CRSF prevention, password reset, number of subscribed users and more. The framework has a number of useful libraries that help developers in the speedy building of an app.

2. Support For MVC Architecture

Another advantage that keeps developers interested is the support for MVC architecture. Whether it’s design of the application, structure, logic or user interface, it is all taken care of by the framework. The architecture allows developers to execute functions in the desired manner which is often supported by in-built functions of the framework. Plus, the comprehensive documentation allows developers to learn at every stage and produce outcomes as intended.

3. Custom Web Development

Although, Laravel has pre-loaded packages for defined business scenarios, its flexible structure allows you to manufacture things as required. The customization is extremely easy in Laravel, which not only transforms your business idea into a functional web app but empowers you to modify at will or according to the client’s expectations.

4. App Goes Live Quickly

Often building a customised solution for your business requires ample time. But it is not the case if you plan to outsource your enterprise app development work to a Laravel web development firm. Expert and experienced developers can build customised web solutions quickly. Thanks to the pre-loaded libraries that make the process faster and incorporate functionalities according to the requirements. This, in turn, helps businesses to launch their product ahead of time and earn rewards sooner than most of their competitors.

5. Migration Advantage

The database structure is smartly built and you do not need to re-create or modify DB settings whenever a new update is released. The migration of data is trouble-free as the system responds to the situation change in a user-friendly manner. Information remains intact and you can enjoy minting money without worrying about the reconfiguration of the database. The Laravel Schema Builder enables the developers to create database tables quickly and embed the sections in the same rapidly.

6. Cost Effective

The increasing development cost is one big nightmare for business owners. Nobody likes putting in extra bucks or build an app that digs deep pockets. If you plan to outsource web development work on hourly basis then it can surely help you save plenty because of the Laravel’s ability to produce high-quality and customized applications in quick time. Quick development means fewer hours, thereby relatively lower cost of development than other web technologies.

The above-mentioned are our set of reasons for choosing a web framework like Laravel. What are yours? Comment your answers and let us know your preferences for a web development framework.