While having a website is more like a necessity than an option for any business. But having an outdated HTML site can be worse than having none. Here is why you need to change it to WordPress.

There are no second opinions over HTML being the foundation upon which Internet was built, which virtually transformed the shape of every business and services known to humans. There was a time when every single site on web was HTML-based. But as it is the case with technology, it keeps evolving to incorporate new dimensions and features, that have never been imagined before. And in the case of web development, such transformation is underway- with WordPress development companies taking the lead and HTML websites slowly sliding into oblivion.

While HTML too has been consistently improved to offer new, powerful features, the latest being HTML5 web development, there are many other better technologies to take the lead. The most prominent of such technologies today is WordPress- currently employed by almost a quarter of all websites on the internet. So, if you have an HTML website, it’s time to take the technological leap and avail the benefits it brings along. Here are some of them:

1. Ease Of Use

Though HTML itself is considered a simple language, it still requires moderate technical knowledge to manage one’s website. But with WordPress, enabling all major tasks through simple UI, it is possible to seamlessly manage websites without understanding a single line of code. All you are required to do is to select from thousands of free and premium themes and start uploading the content of your choice. All of which can be easily modified anytime you want.

2. No Overheads

HTML sites come with their own set of overheads in terms of additional software you need to install to upload new content or manage existing ones. These software, apart from being expensive, can also be equally complex to operate and thus, making the whole process hectic. WordPress, being a stand-alone application, doesn’t need such applications, thus cutting short the cost and efforts.

3. Ubiquitous

Closely related to the last point, you can manage your HTML site from only those system that houses the code and has all the required software installed, which effectively makes it impossible to work from remote locations. WordPress, being a browser-based application, can be managed from any device and location as long as you have working internet connection. This comes as a big relief to those who are often on-the-move.

4. Scalability

HTML sites are prone to break down when subject to high traffic and can’t be modified to incorporate new features without assistance of developers. WordPress, on the other hand, is highly scalable and can easily handle all your users no matter how large your business grows. Additionally, it offers a range of plugins that you can deploy for new features without ever bothered to hire developers.

5. Search Engine Friendly

If you are promoting your business through the website, it is natural that you would want your site to rank higher on search results, and since clean code is one of the factors upon which search engine ranks websites, WordPress is bound to give a better ranking. Consequently giving you more business than the HTML counterparts.

6. Seamless Inbuilt Blogs

If you are looking for blogging section in your website, then HTML is simply not an option as they have no such feature. While WordPress, which started as a blogging platform, has that feature tightly integrated and you don’t need any additional tools.

To put it simply, WordPress sites are cost-effective, feature-rich, scalable and deliver better performance, virtually everything a business would expect from their site. While there are so many reasons for you to transform your HTML site into WordPress, there are none that suggest otherwise.