To start off, no this article is not about advising you on how to maintain cleanliness at the workplace or of your workstation (although you should). There are a few things that you need to be mindful of in office premises upon which your reputation hinges. Don’t worry, this piece isn’t meant to scare you off either (ok yeah slightly). Let us see what those things are:

1. Be mindful of your political beliefs

Political beliefs pretty much sum up your personality or speak volume about you. If for instance, you are a supporter of the Democratic Party cause which granted legalized status to same-sex marriages in States, you may be considered as a sympathizer of their lot or even be considered as one. I mean come one let’s be frank when it comes to numbers what percentage of the world is seriously considering same-sex marriages not to mention the emotional, physical and social perils the arrangement entails, a very small group. Plus the institution of marriage is already losing ground worldwide for a number of reasons according to recent surveys. Better keep those beliefs to yourself unless absolutely necessary to chime in.

2. Don’t become the know-it-all guy

Okay, there is some benefit in being the jack of all trades but being a master of none is even a bigger downside. Stick to what you know and keep doing it, meanwhile trying to learn and grow at the same time by seeking help or lending a hand with a colleague’s work but to pose as if you can do what others are appointed to do as well makes you a part-time. It may feel good that you’re being so valued but, in the longer run, your exclusivity is compromised as a result. You should also take into account that other members are also paid for what they are asked to do. Before you know it they will task you with extra work of the other domain or will ask you to fill in for the position if that person has taken a leave of absence.

3. Don’t brag about someone’s incompetence

All of us are great at some things while not so great at other things. So if a person you find in your team or your office premises who is having a difficult time coping to the working standards or is struggling really hard and constantly make mistakes, don’t gossip about it to your mates at work. The reason is that it damages your rapport. Try buying assignment writing services UK in this regard. You may have a laugh about it at that moment but via different channels the news it will be communicated to upper echelons that this person looks down upon his/her colleagues who are not well versed in their task(s) instead of helping or improving their situation. You will be labeled as a non-team player.

4. Disclosing your salary or your hatred towards your job

The above is self-explanatory. Disclosing your salary to your colleague(s) is a surefire way of giving away the leverage you have in the organization. Let them guess, let them draw comparisons based on their assumptions. On the flip side, do not ask for other person’s salary either. What if what he/she is earning is beyond your expectation and you will get into drawing comparisons of yourself to that person on the basis of workload you share, how well you dress, how punctual you are etc. life work-life will become hell. Secondly, don’t tell how much you hate your job and how everything is messed up. People think if things are that bad “Why doesn’t this person leave?” I mean they are right, what’s stopping you (they are not keeping you there by force). Such talk spread negativity and poor vibes are associated with you. Subsequently, it is not healthy for the overall work environment.

5. Don’t keep using social media or personal emails

Well, that’s the big “no”. Don’t use your personal social media profiles and emails while you are in office. Your boss is interested to know your activities beyond the workplace. So if you open your personal emails or social media profiles in the office, you will be attracting the attention of your boss and you will run the risk of showing something to your boss that might reflect badly on your personality.

6. Don’t badmouth your coworker

This can have the worst impression of you in the eyes of your coworkers. No people like the employees who use foul language against them. Besides, when you engage in such conversations with your coworker, you insinuate them that you will say the same things against that person in front of someone else. Need I stress more on the subject? I hope you understand the things mentioned in this article and will avoid engaging in them while you are in the workplace