This month marks ‘National Home Security Month’ and whilst securing your home is extremely important, how often do you think about the safety of your work place? No matter the size of your business the security of your office is paramount because not only do you need to protect any equipment or technology you have but you also need to keep important documents and any personal items safe from theft. Having a good range of security in place at your office could also bring down the premium of your insurance. So, what options do you have when it comes to securing your commercial property? Take a look.

1. Alarm System

Having a monitored alarm system should be high on your list when looking at keeping your office secure. If the alarm is set off then it will send an emergency signal to the centre that monitors your alarm, then if necessary they can then alert the police of the possible break in so they can attend the scene. If you’re a smaller business you might think it is costly to install but they do say “better to be safe than sorry”.


Not only can CCTV be used after a crime has been committed to try to solve it but it can also be a great deterrent. When installing CCTV cameras though, make sure you position them correctly, near doorways and entrance points are best. As well as the position of the cameras make sure they’re well lit, if it is too dark you won’t be able to see what you might have recorded on the camera.

3. Lighting

The majority of burglaries take place during the evening or at night when it is dark and there are less people around to observe anyone trying to illegally enter any premises. Installing security lighting can act as a deterrent, it might make the potential burglar feel like someone is watching them. If you’re worried about having lights on in or outside your office all of the time think about installing passive infrared lighting which will only turn on when someone comes into a certain perimeter of the light itself. However, when installing lighting you should ensure that they are placed in effective areas all while making sure they don’t affect your CCTV cameras if you have them.

4. British Standard Locks

Having the right locks could be the difference between a burglar gaining access to your property or not. You might think that any lock is fine and as long as your door is locked then you’re secure, but that’s not the case. Some locks are a lot stronger than others and British Standard locks are always being tested meticulously to ensure that they are effective. If you’re not sure which lock would be best suited to your property you can always consult a locksmith.

5. Locked Cabinets Or Safes

Any valuables such as laptops, tablets, cash and even confidential or important documents should be hidden away in a secure locked cabinet or even a safe. When looking to buy a safe keep an eye out for the Eurograde number, Eurograde is a security numbering system recognised all over Europe and can tell you how secure that particular safe is.

6. Join A Business Watch Scheme

Around the UK police forces are starting to set up business watch schemes. If you do join a business watch you can be alerted by email or telephone about crimes that are happening in the area that particularly affect other businesses. These alerts can act as a warning to keep an extra eye on your security.

Try and make October the month that you assess the security of your workplace! Don’t put it on the backburner, it could be something you’ll live to regret – protect your assets today.