I was speaking last night for GetMoreLocal and the Liverpool Street Meet up group. One of the ideas I introduced as the speaker (on Introduction to Social Media for Business) was that going to an event which has a speaker should ideally create some kind of action, for you as a participant.

How often do you go along to networking events and not take action?

Here are some ways you can help yourself take effective action

  1. Consider planning some time in your diary the day after the even to follow up on any actions that would benefit your business
    2. Make notes on business cards/ in your notebook about any conversations you’d like to follow up on
    3. See if the people you met are on social networks like LinkedIn or Twitter
    4. If you connect with a speaker on LinkedIn and you like what they did, consider sending them some feedback or a recommendation – its a great way to follow up what you heard
    5. Go to the website of the speaker to find out more about what they do, and see what resources and support they have which you can access at no cost.
    6. Transfer the information from business cards to your contact list
    7. Go and have a look at the websites of people you met so when you follow up, you can do it from knowledge of what they do.