So you want to develop a good, fantastic, great blog, But find yourself not achieving your goal. Have you ever asked yourself the question, what am I doing wrong?

You want your blog to be done right, to be affective, don’t you? Well of course you do. If you find that your blog is not quite what it should be, consider whether you are in breach of the following.

  1.  The need to get it all into one post

I suffer from this from time to time. So much information to share that you often find your self writing very long posts.

People are very strapped for time nowadays. Avoid the need to post very long posts. Cut it down into a series and spread the topic over a few posts.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with long posts. But remember, everything in  moderation. Vary your post lengths to add variety to your blog.

  1.  The desire to appeal to everybody

What ever your niche, what ever topic you write about. You are not going to please everyone. There are just too many people out there that have different opinions.

Learn to accept that people are going to disagree with you. Perhaps even criticise you.

Concentrate on what’s important to you. Concentrate on what you’re good at. Concentrate on your particular niche that your blog is in

  1.  The fear of commitment

Realise this, blogging is hard work. To have a successful blog takes time and commitment. Success requires a commitment to your brand image, to your blog and to the marketing strategy from which it flows.

Commit yourself to your blog. Resign to the fact that this is for the long haul.

  1.  The lack of vision

To many blogs lack vision. The lack a sense of direction. Do you have a vision, a point-of-view, an attitude; a perspective on a particular subject or niche. Follow that. Stick with it.

  1.  The fear of failure

Lets get this over and done with now shall we. You are going to fail. You are going to make mistakes. Once you realise and understand that, you can accept it. Once you accept it. you can move on to a better blog.

No matter how good you are, you are bound to have some failures. These are learning experiences from which you can develop new and improved initiatives, and a better, killer blog.

  1.  Being selfish

If you think that your blog is all about you. Then you have missed the boat completely. Blogging is all about giving.

You give. And then tomorrow, you give some more. And the next day, you give more. You give away valuable information all the time. It might solve an important problem. It might make people laugh. Your blog might even make life a little less boring to the millions who find it difficult to see the end of the day.

Don’t be selfish. Give away stuff. Give away knowledge. Give away time. Give away some of your skills. Perhaps even give away some of your products.

  1.  Lack of patience

Realise that this is going to take time. Don’t expect everything to fall into place overnight. I don’t think that any of the A-list professional bloggers out there got where they are overnight.

Be patient. It takes some time to build an audience, and momentum is your friend. Most of us don’t take off like rockets. We build slowly at first, then the snowball starts to grow.


No one ever said blogging is easy. There are probably more points that I can mention. But I did not want to scare anyone away.

Blogging is not easy, but then again a lot of good things in life aren’t either.

What have your blogging sins been in recent times?