Over 200 million active users are there on Instagram though people often ignore this social media platform when it comes to business marketing or online marketing. Social media marketing has turned an important thing for people across the world these days, especially for those who want to run a business online.

It is, of course, profitable to run online based business, as setup cost is minimal. At the same time, investment for marketing or promotion is also minimal. However, online advertising is time-consuming. It would not make you king overnight. Constant efforts are required to gain proper online recognition or reputation.

1. Use Instagram For Online Marketing

For social media marketing, one must use Instagram. However, webmasters apparently think that the social media site is not for the serious users. It is more like a platform for the youths who want to shares their stories and photos. To be honest, Instagram is much more than that. This social media website has been getting used for serious business as well as event promotional purposes across the world. Do businesses have been benefitted? Well, of course, they are benefited, if they have followed proper plan or strategy for business marketing. In the following section, we shall find some effective tips for successful business marketing through Instagram.

2. Like Photos In Your Niche

Not just an Instagram account, but for effective business marketing, you need an active Instagram account. To keep your account active, you need to post photos regularly. If you do not find relevant things to post on your business account, you can also spend time on sharing and liking others’ photos. You should like and share photos that belong to your business niche. It helps to gather more followers for your page. It helps to bring people on the page. This is an indirect way of clinching recognition on Instagram. The basic aim is increasing visibility, and this aspect has been perfectly served by Instagram.

3. Create Themes For Your Photo

The stuff that you share on your Instagram profile should be interesting and attention grabbing. There is no meaning of sharing things that carry a little value. There is no purpose of posting same old things on Instagram. This does not help, but at the same time, it can cause potential negative reputation. For reputation makeover, you need to be strategic with your upcoming posts on Instagram. It is better to choose a theme for the photos. It could be a continuation of some stories through pictures. It could a series of pictures, having similar background stories as well as themes. Such promotional strategies help a business to grow. It creates excitement among the Instagram followers. Once they find interest in your photo series, they start following things closely. As a result, your Instagram campaign becomes more worthy as well as crowd pulling.

4. Create Social Awareness

Every business has its vital role in a play for creating social awareness for the benefit of the society as well as future generation. For example, you can show infographics on disposing of plastic wraps or bags properly. If your business belongs to electronic goods selling the domain, you need to create social awareness by spearing message on disposing of electronics waste properly. For environmental cause and the safety of the health of masses, social awareness has to be created. Social awareness campaigns through Instagram business profile help your business to become popular among masses. Nevertheless, your company gains positive reputation due to such campaigns.

5. Run An Instagram Contest

To gain more exposure for the firm promotional purposes, you can run contests on the Instagram. With photos, you can easily create an exciting contest, and people would take participation in such contests. Surprise gifts for contest winners would make such campaign further interesting as well as attention grabbing. For contest ideas, you can check other business profiles on Instagram, running similar kind of campaign. You should not blatantly copy others’ campaign, as that can lead to a negative reputation for your business. You can take inspiration and come up with a fresh contest idea for your Instagram followers.

6. Call To Action For Followers

When you share something interesting, it is a meticulous plan to add some texts with a call to action for the Instagram followers on your account. For example, you can ask them to share the stuff on their profiles so that you can gain more Instagram followers. You can opt for other kinds of favours from the followers as you want. The idea is encouraging the existing followers to fetch you, fresh followers. This method helps when you put a call to actions wisely. However, the process or strategy is risky as well. You have the risk of facing negative reputation, if ‘call to actions’ has been used too many times. They should not also sound rude. They must be humble and meticulous.

7. Link Social Media Profiles

You may be using Facebook for a long time, and thus it is evident that you have more Facebook followers. If you have started Instagram of late, it will take some time to gain the number of followers similar to your Facebook profile. Well, you do not have to worry about Instagram followers freshly, when you ask your Facebook followers to follow you on Instagram. This is a wise strategy to gain a good number of follower right at the beginning. It is also a good way of linking up two social media campaigns, as it will give bigger exposure as well as a better possibility for success with social media campaigns. So, you should ask your existing twitter and Facebook followers to follow your business profile on Instagram. The opposite thing can also be done for social media campaign success.

Hashtag The Photos

Choosing the right hashtags for the photos is important, as it will enhance the visibility of your photo. If your pictures get more visibility, eventually your business profile shall get more visitors. So, the hashtags should be used wisely for social media campaign success with Instagram.