No business shines on a foreign sky before winning its own. We live in an online world to tell you the truth; with all businesses, from startups to big-time Multi National Companies, taking their operations to the web. As a businessperson, you might wonder how going local would help with your game or strategy. However, it has been found that localization makes the world of difference between a great businesses and an average one. Why is that?

The answer to this question is plain and simple: local consumers. Think of a potential consumer looking for your product yet failing to find your business while your office is right around the corner. That is indeed sad. Today, in this article we will talk about Local SEO and how it can help your business grow stronger roots for a better business and sustainability. It is true that Search Engine Optimization is an online tool and online is a worldwide thing.

However, you will be surprised to know just how many ways exist for businesses to adapt to local SEO and draw consumers towards them. Hence, if you are looking for a better local grip in your community and business ecosystem, don’t forget to consider the following 7 local SEO tips to grow stronger roots in local markets.

1. Google Radar Visibility

If you haven’t yet, it’s time you get under the Google radar. Make your business locally enlisted under Google businesses and leverage the free charisma of Google. It is wondrous how Google helps every single business to sprout locally and depending on how well you categorise your fields to get recognised locally, Google does a great job getting your name to your nearest consumers.

2. Combo It With Google+

Although Google+ is a social media platform, it works a bit differently than Facebook and Twitter, at least for businesses. Therefore, getting your presence solidified in Google+ is a big plus. If you haven’t opened a Google+ business page yet, it is best you do it as soon as possible. Moreover, keep the page as active as possible by engaging with desired consumer communities. Remember, the key here is to reach local SEO optimisation and Google+ being part of Google as a whole, does it better than any other social media platform.

3. Get Into A Directory

Getting into a directory means to enlist your business in a local online directory. Rich and active online directories help you go up the search-engine ladder. Moreover, if you find a local online directory that is specific to your industry, it is a must to get your business registered into the directory. You can also go for Yahoo business directory by applying for it. Yahoo business directory is a paid service but it delivers the goods.

4. Image Locating

It is a tendency in the startup business scene to upload and attach images to business websites without much information. Remember that an image with a location mentioned can take your business a long way. With this additional feature, your business will attract more traffic as compared to your under-optimised competitors.

5. Take Mobile Advertising Under Consideration

When SEO is coupled with mobile advertisement, the two combine into a powerful tool of driving consumers. Moreover, in localised marketing, mobile advertisements help the consumers retain your business identity and help in searching through search engines.

6. Sync Multi-Platforms

Localised marketing works best in unison of online platforms rather than solo presences. Hence, take your business to the next level by syncing your online addresses altogether into one connected space. For example, connect your business’s Facebook images with your Business’s Instagram account while linking your Tweeter URLs on Google+ and as such.

7. Don’t Forget NAP

Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) is one of the simplest yet commonly ignored ways for businesses. Every business website – desktop, mobile or tablet should be placed with NAP. Moreover, NAP should be placed in a section that is highly visible to the audience. For example: the header or footer of a website. Make sure that if you place your business’s NAP on the head or foot of your page, the section stays consistent through sub pages of the website; this way someone browsing will always have an eye on your NAP. If possible merge Google maps beside your NAP to help navigate your local consumers to your doorstep.

Finally, with the right localised marketing strategy, your business is bound to have greater SEO optimisation; that too for a local crowd. Hence, consider the above 7 tips on strategising your local SEO and take your local business strength to the next level. If, by any chance, you have little or no idea about how SEO works or unsure about how to implement these steps to your business, consult a local seo agency. If you have a business that is in Seattle for example, consult with a local Seattle SEO agency to guide you through the process.