What do you think is the most asked question from bloggers? Well you guessed it, how can I get more traffic for my blog? This question has been asked and answered many, many times and in a variety of ways.

If you have done any research you would have noticed that there is no easy way to get traffic. It generally takes a lot of hard work, patience, commitment and time to build up traffic.

To help you along here are some resources, that if you put some effort into, will generally bring traffic to you blog. You won’t get thousands from any one resource. But the total can be a boost to your blog.

  1.  Facebook

Facebook the internet phenomenon is an excellent source for traffic. Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook has reached 250 million users worldwide! Thats a significant pool to pull from.

  1.  Twitter

Well should I say any more. Building up followers on Twitter then building those followers into loyal readers takes huge amounts of effort. But it can pay off. Many “Tweeple” will often follow a tweet to a blog post of interest. The key here is to have enticing and exciting Tweets and headlines.

  1.  LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the Social network for professionals. Similar to a Facebook but essentially aimed at professionals helping other professionals. The key to making LinkedIn work is to become involved in answering questions. Build up your arsenal of blog posts, then answer peoples questions on LinkedIn, pointing them to blog posts that you have written that offer some form of help to their question. Just having a profile will not cut it.

  1.  StumbleUpon

Brent Csutoras reckons that StumbleUpon is capable of sending anywhere from thirty to two hundred thousand unique visitors over a period of a week. More on that here. What might also help is StumpleUpon’s new URL shortening service called supr or http://su.pr/. Use supr in your tweets, this will in turn encourage other stumblers to your posts.

  1.  Blogengage

Blogengage is a Digg style blog directory that allows bloggers to submit their blog articles for free so that others can review, re-tweet, share and vote your articles up. What makes Blogengage different is that it aims to be a community to build up bloggers who want to help each other out and engage with each other. To make blog engage work for you, you have to get involved with the community. Using Blogengage or a similar type of forum is an excellent source of traffic.

  1.  Blog comments

This has been blogged by me almost to death. But I feel that is is still important. Commenting on other people’s blogs is a huge source of traffic. Like with the other resources, you might not bring the server down but, the trickle of traffic is still worthwhile. Not to mention that you will be building up your community, exposing your blog and brand as well as engaging and contributing to the other blog.

  1.  Multimedia

Sites like YouTube, Photobucket, Flickr are sites where one can store and share all manner of multimedia. Because your media is open to the public, if it is interesting enough, funny enough, important or something that is in the news, it might spark peoples interest and have a possibility to go viral. Wow, you could definitely slow down the servers with this one.

The trick to increasing your blog traffic does not lie in any one solution. Nor does it lie in any quick and easy solution. It takes hard work as well as having you fingers in many pies.

What sources do you use that I have not included? Share them with us please.