In a (not at all) surprising display of child logic, a seven year old boy has decided that he needs a fighter aircraft and he needs it now!

According to a report on Fox Chicago News, a British seven year old boy was using the family computer and apparently browsing eBay. When he saw the photograph of the Harrier Jump Jet T-Bird Aircraft XW269 and the very tempting “Buy It Now” button, he just couldn’t resist temptation. He clicked the button.

The boy’s father had to quickly contact the seller of the refurbished aircraft to explain that there simply weren’t enough cars in the neighbourhood to wash, to scrape together the £69,999 necessary to make the purchase and besides, Christmas is only just over!

It’s a funny story, but there’s a serious lesson to be learned. If you are letting your children use the family computer, it is always a good idea to set them up with their own user profile so they can’t spend mummy and daddy’s money and so you can configure that profile in a way that is appropriate for their age, for example not allow them to install programs.

It is also a matter for debate whether a seven year-old needs access to eBay at all. This is where parental controls can help out, filtering web sites by category and blocking inappropriate access. My own seven-year old son (no, it wsn’t him, honest!) uses a shared computer and I’ve promised him, as soon as he gets a job, I’ll remove the filters. That way he can save up for his own fighter plane.