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5 Best Small Gifts of Appreciation for Employees

A variety of small gifts of appreciation for employees expresses how much they mean to your company. You don’t have to wait for “Employee Appreciation Day” to give your workers gifts that will make them feel appreciated. However, it raises the issue of what presents you can buy on a tight budget to make them happy.

Some of the best small gifts of appreciation for employees you can take advantage of including glassware and desk plants. These items offer a professional appeal, improve moods and build better memories between you and your workers. You can also go for food and drink packages or customized sweatshirts to be less formal and appear friendlier. 

These small gifts of appreciation for employees will do more than just make your staff happy. You’d find that they’d also help to uphold your standards and reputation. Keep reading for more details on what an employee gift should contain.

What Should a Gift of Appreciation for Employees Have?

While some individuals enjoy words of praise, some prefer gift items. Your employees will undoubtedly appreciate your effort in getting them a gift. As a result, you need to make a thoughtful gift selection. 

So what should you look for as an employer when selecting an excellent token of gratitude for your staff? Ensure your gift is meaningful, personalized, relevant, specific, enjoyable, memorable, and high-quality. Think about the “love languages” of the people you plan on surprising.

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5 Best Small Gifts of Appreciation for Employees

If you want your employees to feel celebrated, there are many gifts you can offer them. Among the best gift ideas to show your employees that you appreciate their efforts and to ensure they remain happy working for you are:

Customized Glassware

You can reward the hard work of your staff with personalized stainless steel water bottles, coffee mugs, and tumblers. You can make it more personal by engraving the recipient’s name, a memorable quote, or your company’s logo. Place it in a gift box and include a special note of thanks before sending it their way.

Floral Gifts

Everyone loves getting fresh flowers as a gift on special days like birthdays and holidays. Send a stunning bouquet from a local florist—or a letterbox arrangement they can decorate at home—to show appreciation.

Desk Plants

Plants not only make fantastic tokens of appreciation for staff but also liven up the workplace. Sending a colleague a tiny, succulent plant or even a fake plant may help brighten up their home or workspace.

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Food or Drink Packages

Giving your staff their preferred food or drink is one way to show them how much you value them. As a token of appreciation, this would be a terrific way to brighten an employee’s day. Put a case of their preferred beverage in the fridge or send them a box of their favorite candies.

Branded Hoodies

Consider providing your staff with high-quality hoodies or sweatshirts for the utmost comfort. Give them something they can use both in and out of the workspace. Including your business’s logo or a memorable phrase on or with the item is also nice. 


Getting your employees small gifts is one of the easiest ways to show they matter. Thankfully, the list of gifts mentioned above is accessible and reasonably priced. This way, you don’t have to break the bank when seeking the best small gifts of appreciation for employees.

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