Great employees are not born. They’re made. One surefire way to produce top employees is to create a culture of gratitude and appreciation in your company where everyone is recognised for his individual contribution – big or small. If you’re not appreciating your employees, you’re making a huge mistake. Making your staff feel valued allows them to work harder, trust you more, and stay in your company. The benefits are simply endless. 

Below are top 8 exciting employee incentives that will definitely rock your staff members’ world. Read on.

1. Trophy Cup Or Plaque

Rewarding your employee with a trophy cup or plaque during his 10 year work anniversary is a great way to recognise him for his years of dedicated service to your business. This method of appreciating your employees has always been considered special. Not everyone can get a trophy cup or plaque in his lifetime. To make it even better, have your employee’s name along with a heartwarming message engraved in the award.

2. Thank You Video

Want to be more creative and unpredictable in expressing your gratitude for your staff member’s hard work? Why not shoot a fun video with a thank you message from you as the business owner including the rest of the team members – and have it uploaded on YouTube? Video content engages people far better than written content. Videos grab attention, get your message across faster, and leave lasting impressions on your employees. Not only will you truly delight your best staff with your personalised videos, you’ll also end up motivating them to consistently deliver better work.

3. Healthy Snacks

Would you believe that giving away free, healthy snacks lets you win your employees’ hearts? Aside from the fact that food unites people, guilt-free treats ensure that your staff members are properly energised during the day. Healthy snacking offers tons of benefits – from boosting brain power to improving concentration. Millenials in general love healthy food brought to the office. Fun ideas for free snacks include dark chocolate, granola bars (with whole grain oats), pretzels, and fresh fruits.

4. Stress Toys

Stress toys shaped like hearts, ninjas and monsters are the perfect staff appreciation gifts in corporate environments. These colourful toys have squishy textures that provide immediate relief from tension. Stress toys are ideally given to employees who often type on the computer or use their mobile phones. Since these gifts come in unique shapes and designs, pick one that would match each of your employees’ interests. For example, it would be great to surprise your sports-minded staff member with a stress toy shaped like a baseball.

5. Training Opportunities

An awesome way to express your appreciation to your engaged employee is to provide him with more advanced training. It’s a brilliant move to further train someone from your team whom you know has the potential to help take your business in the right direction in the near future. Additional training opportunities given to employees who deserve them can mean higher chances for promotion. More than anything else, engaged employees would love to stay in a workplace where they can grow and stay competent.

6. Custom Coffee Mug Or Any Drinkware

Help your engaged employees start their day right by surprising them with a custom coffee mug that features a funny/inspiring quote together with their names. Obviously, coffee mugs would make great employee appreciation gifts to coffee lovers. For employees who love working out at the gym, shaker bottles for protein shakes would be wonderful.

7. Cash Bonuses

Offering money as an incentive greatly satisfies employees who help drive more sales for your business. Yes, cash bonuses mean additional company costs but you should remember that without your motivated employees, your business wouldn’t have been as successful as it is now. Be careful not to spark jealousy among your employees. When giving financial incentives, always play fair. Give such rewards only for the right reasons.

8. Special Celebrations

One of the top ways on how to recognise employees is to make everyone in your team feel special by celebrating their personal milestones such as birthdays and work anniversaries. Whether or not a staff member has demonstrated exemplary behavior, he deserves to be appreciated for contributing to your company’s success. Have the celebrants blow their candles on their celebration cakes. Encourage the rest of your team to decorate the office with streamers. Offer free lunch.

You’ll Never Go Wrong With Employee Appreciation

Young or old, employees or not, people yearn to be appreciated. Now that you have ideas of the best incentives to provide to your hard working team, you can rest assured that everyone remains inspired to give their best performance and shine.