Deciding to start a business is only the beginning of an entrepreneurial venture that may or may not reap success since, of course, there are risks in taking up any kind of business. And in order to achieve longevity, you’ll need to come up with an idea that’s both in demand and practical, have good quality products or services, and create a marketing strategy that can help bring your business to the forefront of your industry.

It’s quite the tall order. Often, that entrepreneurial spirit and determination takes a hold of us and leads us to consider starting a new undertaking without actually having a clear idea as to what kind of business to launch. For that, we’ve got you covered. Check out these business ideas that are great for starting entrepreneurs:

1. Tour Guide Services

If you’re in tune with and in the know about your community, and are passionate about sharing that knowledge with others, then you might want to consider offering your services as a tour guide. With the increasing number of social media users who post their travel photos real time, there’s definitely a market for touring services.

2. Clothing Alterations Shop

Fashion is constantly both evolving and recycling. For this reason, a lot of people have started to hold on to certain clothes that they feel they can still wear when the trend comes back a few years later. Others tend to have their clothes altered to fit more current styles, which makes clothes alteration a good startup business venture.

3. Car Wash

Car washing is a great money-making opportunity that doesn’t really require a lot of technical knowledge. It’s also something you can start small with by offering just the most basic of car washing services, and eventually build up by adding more and more services.

4. Healthy Vending Machines

More and more people are taking a step back and becoming health-conscious these days, which is a good thing. Yet, healthy snacks are still not as easily available as the unhealthy kind. It’s a great idea to look into the business aspect of this situation. You can opt to open a franchise for a healthy vending machine, or come up with products that are vending-machine friendly. By doing so, you can do your part in ensuring a healthy generation that can avoid an early trip to the ER and getting hooked up with ECG cables and leads.

5. Wedding Consulting Agency

There still are plenty of people who believe in the sanctity of marriage and a wedding ceremony. People can get married anywhere these days, with destination weddings becoming more and more popular. If you’re one to enjoy planning and organising, have plenty of wedding vendor connections, and live in an area that has plenty of choices for those wanting to get married, then you may want to consider starting a wedding consulting agency.

6. Smartphone Repair

Smartphones have become a part of each of our everyday lives, both for personal and business use. So much so that we sometimes find it hard to function without it, or when it breaks down and needs to get fixed. Repairing a broken smartphone can be quite costly, though, so if you have the talent to fix smartphone technical issues, then you can tap into that talent and start a repair shop that charges more affordable rates for phone repairs.

7. Recycling Service

Recycling is as important as ever these days, what with all the environmental issues that plague the world. However, a lot of people still either don’t know how recycle, or don’t want to go through the hassle of recycling, particularly when it comes to large items and electronic devices. This is a great business opportunity, as you could start a business that offers pick up services for recyclable items.

8. Translation Service

The global marketplace is full of opportunities, including startups. Because businesses are aiming to go international, there’s a high demand for people who can speak multiple languages. If you’re bi- or multilingual yourself, you can start by offering your services to clients. Once you get the experience, you can start your own translation services company, setting up a pool of linguists with the aim of making both businessmen and tourists’ lives easier by eliminating language barriers.

It all starts with a vision – and an idea for something that is in-demand and unique. Hopefully, you’ll have found at least one or two business ideas from the list above that you can expand on. Have a profitable rest of 2017!