Running an online business or a blog takes an enormous amount of work and effort. You would be a fool not to seek out tools and resources to help you and make your job easier. Thereby helping you to succeed.

Here are a few good resources that you and I need to investigate and make use of:

  1.  Blogcatalog – Just what the name says. It’s a catalogue of blogs. Here you will find inspiration by the famous and not so famous bloggers in your niche. Not only that but you can also find all sorts of tools to help make blogging a success for you.
  2.  Webpronews – Comprehensive resource for news, information, and tips related to online business and websites
  3.  Sitepronews – News and resource site aimed at webmasters or any one that owns a website. Here you will find all manner of tips regarding your website including layout, design, marketing and SEO.
  4.  Devwebpro – If you are a developer of any standard, then DevWebPro is for you. It is dedicated to bringing you the best developer information on the net.
  5.  SmallBusinessNewz – The place for all your professional business information.
  6.  AppGeek – Allows you to discover new and updated apps for your Smartphone. Smartphones will be very prominent in 2011. Keep up with all the latest apps.
  7.  Freefoto – One of the largest collections of free photographs on the Internet. Mostly taken by regular, amateur photographers.
  8.  Twellow – A directory of public Twitter accounts with hundreds of categories and search features to help you find people who matter to you. No more following random people. Make your Twitter follower important to you, and you to them

Hope you enjoy these and make good use of them. Do you have any others that might be of interest. Please list your selection in the comments below.