One of the UK’s oldest business broadband providers, Powernet, has revealed that 83% of IT decision makers don’t think their current ISP will be able to meet their needs in the future.

The results suggest that businesses foresee an increasing reliance on online services – such as VoIP, cloud-based applications and email – which thrive on reliable broadband connections.

But there’s an underlying dissatisfaction with customer service among business broadband customers and a lack of faith that providers will be able to deal with connection problems.

The majority said they were happy with the current price and current speeds of their broadband connections but didn’t rate either as the most important factor when choosing a provider.

45% said that a reliable connection and good customer service were more important than speeds and just 14% said that price was the most important factor when choosing a broadband provider.

20% went as far as to say that broadband providers are more interested in profit than they are with service.

“In the rush to offer faster and faster services, too many business ISPs are neglecting what UK businesses actually want: reliability and customer service,” said Tony Tugulu, Powernet’s CEO.