Technology enables us to be far more flexible in our working patterns than ever before but a new survey by reveals that while we have the tools adoption of mobile working is far from easy. According to the survey 77 per cent of mobile workers finish documents, proposals or presentations while on the road, with more than half literally finalizing materials in the 11th hour.

Additionally, while workers resort to transforming restaurants, bedrooms and beaches into “unconventional” workplaces, even the most creative makeshift cubes aren’t helping get jobs done, as 84 per cent of traveling executives and managers report that they cannot work effectively on collaborative projects while on-the-go, despite increased enterprise adoption of iPads and smartphones.

84% cannot mobile work effectively

More than 500 U.S. mobile business users took part in the survey which was specifically designed to help corporations identify pain points in and work toward solutions for on-the-go computing. In addition to showing that one in seven truly conducts business in public restrooms,’s survey found that technology gaps, specifically in enterprise collaboration tools, cause productivity losses and mistakes that are detrimental to business.

Other findings were:

  • 84% of mobile workers cannot work effectively while on the road
  • 56% work in a restaurant
  • 45% work in bed
  • 55% work while flying
  • 29% while in traffic
  • 50% have difficulty in getting a timely response from colleagues
  • 41% have to work off a local copy risking version control problems
  • 45% miss participating in web conference calls because they cannot participate from their mobile device
  • 54% report lower personal productivity
  • 32% report making mistakes in documents