Fax server software is designed to modernize the needs required in fax communication for businesses of practically any size. This technology allows users to send and receive faxes using the email client already installed on their PC, or even to print documents straight to an outgoing fax number without having to waste paper or use a slow analog fax machine.

Fax server software offers so many benefits to businesses, it’s a wonder how anyone still uses the traditional fax machines. Not convinced? Well here are nine reasons why your company needs fax server software.

  1.  Email client integration

Fax server software can integrate with your email system, so that incoming faxes are delivered to the recipient’s inbox, rather than printing out on paper for someone to sort and deliver. This makes it easy for users to receive faxes, and prevents confidential information from sitting around and perhaps being viewed by unauthorized eyes.

  1.  Application integration

Any software application that can send an email can now send a fax, since fax server software integrates with the email client. By simply entering a fax number into an email address field (like 123-555-1212@fax) you have just fax enabled your application without writing a single line of code.

  1.  Print to fax

Users can send faxes like email, but they can also simply hit print and choose the fax machine instead of the printer. This empowers them to quickly send ad hoc faxes as easily as they would print out a hard copy.

  1.  Automatic message routing and filing

Using OCR, fax server software can support delivery to users based on name or keyword. Incoming faxes can be delivered straight to the appropriate inbox, public folder, SharePoint document library, or file share – automating data filing.

  1.  Better security

With fax server software, faxes aren’t left lying around where they might be read by unauthorized persons. This is especially important if the HIPAA requirement that fax machines must be secured applies to your organization.

  1.  Conserves resources

Fax machines take up space, require analog phone lines, and, unless you use the same brand and model, no two use the same toner or ink. Implement fax server software and you can reclaim the counter space, cancel most of your analog lines, and stop stocking all those different cartridges.

  1.  More efficient

With fax server software, sending a fax is a two-click operation you don’t even have to get up to do, which enables you to get onto the next task at hand immediately instead of standing in line for your turn at the fax machine.

  1.  Centralized contacts

You can centralize as many contacts as your business needs in one place – where all the users in your company can access them – using contact objects in the GAL, which fax server software can use to make finding the recipient’s information quick and painless.

  1.  Cost savings

Fax server software enables a company to use a single analog line (or maybe none with the FoIP support offered by some), eliminates the need to buy ink and maintain service contracts for the fax machines, and improves the efficiency of your users. This translates into a significant amount of money saved.

With all the advantages offered by fax server software, it’s no wonder that so many companies are scraping their analog fax machines for this cost savings solution. You owe it to yourself, your users, and your bottom line to test fax server software for your own company’s faxing needs.