This week I took part in a webinar sponsored by social business platform provider blueKiwi along with Chess Media’s Jacob Morgan. It was a great talk, and you can grab a replay here.

One of the interesting points (or bon mots since blueKiwi is a French company) that came out of the talk was something I muttered: “creating a great experience is your best marketing.” Thanks to Jacob for reminding me of this utterance after the fact.

I think this is a really, really important idea. Very often prospects and customers and well everyone comes up to me and asks me “Martin, you are so wise and knowledgeable about the social media revolution (OK, well maybe I’m making this part up) – where should I start?” And I think the answer, really, is not to “start” any social initiatives.


Ok, let me explain. What I mean is, do not start any initiatives that you cannot back up with consistent and complete processes. Do not lead yourself down a dangerous path. Insure that the right people are on board and that everyone is united in actually delivering on whatever it is that differentiates your business. (If nothing makes you different, then I can’t help you.)

Look, service and experience is trumping price right now. Creativity and consistent service is what helps brands stand apart these days. And if that great experience only happens via social channels – then there is a problem. If only a few people in your company can provide the right answers, support, service, etc. – there is a problem.

I’ve said it a lot and I’ll say it again – do not let social be a band aid and be careful not to lump social as a separate entity or silo.

Social should support an existing yearning – supported by a real strategy – to provide a great experience for your customers. If you are doing the right things to make your customers want to come back – moving those interactions into the social realm is a cake walk in comparison.