Looking for a new office space can at first seem like a daunting task. An office move is a huge undertaking, physically as well as financially and you have to get it right. With so many options to take into consideration and your organisation’s workforce to keep happy, it may seem impossible to achieve. Careful planning and research, however, will help ensure your success. A few simple steps will steer you in the right direction to find the perfect location and stimulating environment ideal for your business and your staff.


It may sound like a cliché but location is key. You need to ensure the area is safe with a good reputation and transport links available to ensure your staff can easily get to work. If the location is not serviced by public transport, then you need to make sure there are plenty of parking spaces for your staff and visitors. Choice of location is also dependant on the type of business you are. Is passing trade essential to your business? Do you need a high street location? There is no point in locating your office in a local business park when you need a more obvious presence to attract your target market.


You need to consider the amenities nearby such as shops, hotels, clients, taxis and couriers. You also need to consider the future of your business. Is the location in an area that would attract the right level of skills to your organisation to support future growth? If your business is international then perhaps proximity of airports should be an additional consideration.

Type Of Building

The type of building is one of the most important aspects of an office move. Do you want to share your office space? Do you need a managed office suite with facilities such as a reception team, security, maintenance teams, utilities including IT and telecoms as part of your rent? This can be a cost effective solution to a burgeoning business as you might be able to rent a smaller office space and take advantage of shared front of house staff, air conditioning, alarm systems, meeting rooms, kitchens and toilets. In fact having a reception manned by a professional team can give a good impression to your visitors and prospective clients. A cost effective solution without using the space within your office and hiring additional staff.

The Interior

The size and layout of your office is also important in terms of what you need now and what you might need in the future. Is room for growth something you need to consider? Do you need separate offices for meeting rooms or for management staff? Are there any restrictions regarding decorating and flooring? Do you have neighbours? Will it be noisy? You have to consider external and internal noise. Is there enough light coming into the office space and is the temperature controllable? These are all essential to keeping your workforce’s level of stress at a minimum and productivity at a high. Ensure you look at sockets and internet connection – will these support your needs?

Don’t forget to measure whether your existing furniture will fit in to the space. Take measurements of desks, meeting tables, cupboards and filing cabinets to ensure your staff as well as the office equipment and furniture will fit in. Office interiors make a huge impact on staff morale and need to reflect the company’s brand and ethos. Once you have made the choice on where to go you can begin the final step of creating the perfect environment conducive to productivity, creativity and innovation.