I have talked a lot about building a strong Twitter community many times, I even wrote Twitter Dummy Guide around this concept. If you follow me @JohnAguiar you have seen or will see that I do my best to do that everyday.  I have built a strong twitter community that I am happy with, my followers are supportive and responsive and just awesome. Showing your appreciation to your followers is such a simple thing with a huge return, Learn my tips on showing appreciation to my followers.

Build that community now

But now that Google is ranking tweets in real time search, building a strong twitter community has never been more important. Before you start getting ranked, make sure you get your twitter page set up right and SEO ready! Google now puts weight into the amount of followers you have and more importantly the quality of those followers that will get your tweets ranked higher. They look at it the same as sites linking together, it’s not so much about the amount but more about the quality of the site the link comes from.

Google ranks tweets by followers to an extent, but it’s not just about how many followers you get. It’s about how reputable those followers are.

Singhal likens the system to the well-known Google system of link popularity. Getting good links from reputable sources helps your content in Google, so having followers with that same kind of authority theoretically helps your tweets rank in Google’s real-time search.

“One user following another in social media is analogous to one page linking to another on the Web. Both are a form of recommendation,” Singhal says. “As high-quality pages link to another page on the Web, the quality of the linked-to page goes up. Likewise, in social media, as established users follow another user, the quality of the followed user goes up as well.”

There are many reasons that you should be focusing on growing and engaging with your twitter community, this is just another great reason. Tweets will be ranked real time and that will have an immediate effect in your blog or business. Twitter in real time search is changing why and how important twitter is in your business, now you have an added benefit to start engaging with your followers more.