Websystems celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Web-based project management software, AceProject, with the launch of a smartphone/tablet edition.

AceProject Mobile is a lightweight version of its older brother, AceProject. With multi-platform compatibility a priority, Websystems put all its efforts on one Web app that works on all mobile devices. In other words, this cost-cutting measure means there are no specific versions for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices.

AceProject Mobile works on most mobile browsers, on most mobile devices (iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Android-powered devices, as well as iPad and Android-powered tablets). With new mobile devices released every other week, Websystems said it prefers platform and device independence.

Among other features, AceProject Mobile enables users to view, sort and mark their projects, as well as view, search, sort and edit tasks. Websystems raised the bar by adding document management features to AceProject Mobile. Documents can be downloaded, locked/unlocked and shared.

“Document management is an essential part of AceProject, and although this feature may seem a bit overkill for use on a mobile device, we think AceProject isn’t AceProject without document management,” said André Brassard, Web developer at Websystems.