As I start to think about budgeting for next year with the obvious restraints the current economic climate imposes I am also looking to technology to help provide environmental savings for the business. Whilst the carbon footprint of businesses in different sectors will vary there are always common ways to save. Of course the impact of these measures will vary accordingly.

Fundamentally the essence of the green initiative is less! Better management of resources, reduced consumption and optimisation. Fortunately all these initiatives are all good for your business’ health as well as the planets.

I believe the key areas where technology can make a difference:

  • Teleworking – Do all your staff need to be in the office every day? Phones, email, shared desk tops, and web meetings can offer high levels of flexible working. This obviously reduces travel but also reduces your office footprint which at an average cost of £5k pa per desk in rent, utilities, hardware and management.
  • Conferencing and collaboration – The key resource in your business is your people, their ability to interact internally and externally with customers and partners is directly linked to their value creation. By providing integrated conferencing & collaboration tools you can reduce the need to travel and increase productivity. More work with the same people but less travelling.
  • Optimisation applications – Transportation will always be a major part of some business’ activities. Whether it is logistics and distribution or product delivery or a mobile engineering workforce, analytical transportation software can offer real savings whether routes are regular or dynamic.
  • Office Management – The way you manage your offices can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Apart from having less people in the office at any one time you can go paperless reducing space and paper usage. Installation of smart lighting as well as efficient heating and air conditioning will also offer savings.

Of course some for these initiatives need time before they can be implemented so early planning is essential. Including green considerations into your technology planning will help focus remain on efficiency and optimisation. If you would like some more information or you are someone who has found any interesting technology that has helped you reduce your carbon footprint I would be interested to hear from you.