With arrival of HTML5 Adobe’s prominence in the web arena has been challenged as the unique properties of Flash are no longer as unique. The PDF remains popular but could also become redundant with HTML5 advances and obviously aware of this Adobe are branching out. Branching out into the growing area of social media analytics.

Not a day goes by without another social media metrics tool being waved under our nose. It is one of the most competitive marketplaces about at present but with an established brand name and a decent product Adobe may well be able to take a slice of the multi-millions of pounds companies are keen to invest to know how much of a return they are getting for their investment in social media.

It aims to convert analysis of social media activity into a metric that can show the impact on brand and brand perception amongst its customers and public at large.

SocialAnalytics is currently in Beta testing but holds much hope for the Adobe Systems brand.

It forms part of Adobe’s Online Marketing Suite measuring social media networks, blogs, forums and the like. They appear to be rigorously testing it too with big names and social media leaders including Vodafone, MTV Networks and General Motors said to be among the beta-testers.

If all goes well during testing, the product is expected to be released in the second part of this year and could see Adobe once again becoming the tool every business wants to own.

What social metrics tools do you use? Would you invest more into a product produced by a trusted brand like Adobe?