Every software development project has a shopping list of tools and infrastructure and your list is typically sent to the internal IS team where they start to go through a purchase and provision process. You hope to be given an ETA so you can start resource planning and setting expectations but in some cases your request is rejected on security, budget, resource or internal standards grounds. This is where you enter the dev guy vs. IS guy battle…may the best man win!

Software development focused companies depend on tools and infrastructure being provisioned quickly on a per project basis, and more importantly, without restrictions. It’s key to getting project momentum going as well as a means to start utilising resource that you’re billing out. Removing impediments early is crucial!

Agile IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and collaboration tools chargeable on a pay per use model from a trusted partner will give you the head start you need as well as a commercial model that fits without impacting internal resource and comes complete with a meaningful SLA, 24/7 operations team and monitoring. Imagine a development platform that is always available, backed up, scalable etc etc…

An agile IaaS platform and set of collaboration tools will provide you with the foundation you need for each project. You can scale up resources for when the project is at its peak and scale down for when you hit the warranty or support phase. The key advantage is that you have a truly independent but integrated development, test and UAT platform that can be accessed by multiple parties, free from any internal impediments or restrictions and more importantly you can literally hand over the platform to the client when the project ends without any dependencies on your internal systems.

Business grade cloud services aren’t just for production!