PRESS RELEASE: Agnitum, PC security product developer since 1999, is pleased to announce the official launch of the Outpost 7.5 product line of proactive protection tools. Outpost security solutions have been awarded with 12+ VB100 anti-virus certifications since 2007. Packed with new functionality and performance improvements, the latest versions of Outpost Security Suite Pro, Outpost Firewall Pro and Outpost Antivirus Pro speed up overall system performance by minimizing resource loads without impacting protection levels.

Highlights of Outpost 7.5 include:

  • 3x times faster web content filtering with the reworked Web Control and Firewall modules
  • 2-5x faster performance thanks to the consolidation of signature databases

All Outpost 7.5 products include Smart Decision – personal virus analyst, as well as clipboard protection to address the evolving ID theft techniques, extended support for the latest mobile broadband devices to protect laptops and netbooks, and a host of other improvements.

What’s new in Outpost 7.5?

  1.  Emphasis on performance improvements to enhance user experience:

Updated anti-virus engine – version 5.3

With the anti-virus engine updated to version 5.3, the Outpost 7.5 antimalware module delivers even greater detection accuracy, in particular against unknown malware.

Faster on-access and on-demand scanning

Internal tests have shown that on-access scanning is twice as fast and on-demand scanning is up to 2.5 times faster than earlier versions.

3x faster web page filtering

In the ongoing struggle to balance ease-of-use with optimal performance, Agnitum engineers have reworked the Web Control and Firewall modules and have achieved lesser PC resource load and 3x faster web page filtering compared to the previous versions. Additionally spyware-site filtering engine is now up to 100 times faster.

SmartScan 4 Speed-Up

The fourth iteration of SmartScan technology enables 3-5 times faster subsequent scans of files and folders for malware.

  1.  Enhanced security detects sophisticated malware:

New! SmartDecision technology – personal virus analyst on the board

An experience that Agnitum has gained over the years in the malware analysis contributed to SmartDecision technology turning it into personal virus analyst ready to help user whenever an issue arises.

SmartDecision uses non-signature detection to rate every executable file against a number of criteria to determine its authenticity or potential for damage. This technology employs multi-level risk measurements and enables Outpost to provide visual guidance as to the best way to proceed (allow or block), along with a corresponding color code – red, yellow or green.

New! Clipboard and screen content protection

Clipboard content protection (part of Outpost’s award-winning anti-leak technology) now resists so- called “clipboard-loggers”, which can grab personal data from the clipboard during a cut-and-paste operation and “screen-loggers” that can send randomly-grabbed screenshots from a user’s PC to an unauthorized recipient.

Improved! Antimalware / eXtended Heuristic Analyzer

HAX (eXtended Heuristic Analyzer) now includes increased – by a factor of more than ten – numbers of indicators and parameters for suspicious programs, which in turn increases the analyzer’s coverage and detection rates.

New! Antimalware / USB protection

To combat malware spread via USB drives through exploitation of the Windows auto-run vulnerability, Outpost 7.5 now includes specific USB protection that can be configured to provide different levels of security from completely blocking the device to freezing particular unverified executables.

New! Firewall protection for the latest mobile broadband devices

Outpost 7.5 provides enhanced filtering for the traffic generated by mobile broadband devices (such as 3G modems) to further safeguard laptops and other portable devices.