Blogging is an established method of increasing your web presence, but what can SEO techniques teach you about how to write an effective blog? Blogs can be used to keep clients up to date, demonstrate expertise or simply entertain and is an ideal way to leverage the social side of the web. From a search perspective blogging is particularly effective for targeting longer but often more relevant search phrases.

Who Is Your Blog For?

As with website content. when writing blog articles think about what interests your ideal reader and write with passion or strong (ideally justifiable!) opinions. A good strategy is to answer potential questions, warn of pitfalls, offer ‘Top tips’ or explain something through a story, real or invented. Use phrases liberally that users might search for and leave them wanting more information or engage them by asking for their comment.

SEO Blog Tips: Use Google Insights for Search to identify the most searched for phrases relating to a topic

Be a Long Distance Blogger not a Sprinter

Blogs need updating regularly, aim to achieve a consistent frequency of blogs, perhaps start with one per month and then once you get used to a regular commitment you can always increase. Ideas sometimes come in groups so use a ‘draft’ facility to store article titles so that you can expand on the content later or even form part of a series.

SEO Blog Tips: Identify text in blog articles that can be used as links to create relevant inbound links to your website

Blog Short and Sweet

Keep blog articles to a single topic and not too long, 200 words is a good minimum but avoid going over 1000 words. In longer articles it can help readers if you summarise your points in the last paragraph.

SEO Blog Tips: Check the frequency of key search phrases in your content, your no. 1 phrase should be included about 4-5 times in 200 words

Writing Content For Blogs

Use attention grabbing titles with intriguing first paragraphs and clear headings. These aid scan reading and highlight your ideal search phrases to the search engines. Include at least one piece of media; funny or striking but relevant pictures, informational graphics or a video (all with permission of course) but not too many.

SEO Blog Tips: Make sure relevant pictures are named using the key text you want to search in for

Guest Blogging Opportunities

Offer guest blogging opportunities, it can take the pressure off generating content if you’re busy and often encourages people to share your blog on their own social media. Make sure that you keep the content of the articles on your blog relevant to your business.

SEO Blog Tips: Encourage guest bloggers to link to the blog article from relevant and prominent pages on their websites

So What Is A Good Blog?

The only way to know whether your blog is working other than direct feedback is to have some form of measurement. Most blog tools have some form of analytics or can have them integrated, use these to identify which articles attract most visitors and therefore act as a guide to future article topics.