When I go for a meal in a nice restaurant, I expect a good customer experience. The ingredients that constitute this (pardon the pun) are quite obvious. I expect good food and good service from the waiting staff for example. Once I’ve ordered my meal, I want several things: my food should arrive fairly quickly, […]

How Retailers Can Best Serve Consumers On Their Shopping Journey

Analysis, eCommerce – 18 October 2012 – No Comments

A survey of 1,000 UK consumers aged between 18 and 55+ explored their personal views around three key retail areas: the consumer shopping journey, the evolving expectations of the instore environment, and new instore technologies. The research reveals that today’s customers are focused on making more informed purchasing decisions using the information available across multiple […]

Businesses Hang-Up On Employee Mobile App Access

Analysis, Mobile – 18 October 2012 – No Comments

Independent research commissioned by Ping Identity has revealed enterprises are restricting employee access to vital work applications due to security and control fears. Employees were found to use an average of five work applications every day, but nearly a third (27%) claimed they were not granted access to these applications via their mobile devices. Many […]

Video Conferencing Reflects Spirit Of Modern Business

Analysis, Enterprise – 18 October 2012 – No Comments

The business research consulting firm institute Frost & Sullivan predicts a boom in video conferencing in Europe particularly among large- and medium-sized companies. It’s not hard to see why either. Video communications makes planning easier, and can save travel costs, time, and last but not least, the environment. At the same time, new technologies such […]