The world took one step closer to James Cameron’s vision of the future when it was announced this week that trails for contact lenses that project images in front of your eyes had been successful in animals.

According to the scientists who developed the lenses at the University of Washington, we are not far from the day when we will be able to receive emails directly to your line of vision.

There are still a few glitches including power supply but so far the researchers claim to have overcome the main challenge which was the eye’s focus normally the eye can see an object only if it is at least a few inches away, but the researchers, in cooperation with their colleagues from the University of Aalto in Finland, managed to create a very thin lens that solves the problem of focus and distance.

So it may not be long before we are all checking our email or viewing GPS directions from our lenses, to some of us that may sound like a nightmare but for others it presents a huge leap forward. For me I think this simply represents how far we as human beings have come in the world of computing in a very very short time.

In my own lifetime we have seen computers go from something physically, huge and expensive to something which neatly fits into your shirt pocket, this development may simply be the next step in that evolution.

This speed of innovation, especially when it comes to the world of mobile devices, has become an ever present headache for IT departments tasked with keeping their applications up to date for every device and operating system level on the market today. Staff increasingly want to be “always on” without realising the logistic headache, and budget strain this puts on their IT departments.

It remains to be seen when and if the technology will be made available to the masses but it certainly opens up a world of possibilities, and whilst the lenses may not be available today or tomorrow one thing is sure – “they’ll be back!” Sorry, I couldn’t resist.